FI Manager has been forced to close down

  • It may have only been a week since I posted about this on here, but unfortunately FI Manager has been forced to close down by the Football INDEX team.

    You can read about it here:

    Or join in the conversation on Twitter if you want to help bring it back

    If we can't bring it back, thanks for everyones support. It was fun(ish)!

  • Can you do it if you just get rid of the live trade stream? I found it really useful for seeing average pb points and the like

  • Maybe, but at the end of the day its still using their information. I've emailed Adam back so will have to wait and see what he says :(

  • FI hide a lot of information that should be readily available to the trader.

    They call themselves the football stock market but lets face it it's more like a football bucket shop atm

  • @The-Chartist

    I don't understand why they wouldn't put this information out there; things like setting price notifications etc.

    It's stuff that's easily done by those in the know and, lets face it, the more people utilise these factors, the more FI will make.

    Maybe, an idea for @NewUser48607 - why not build your own football stock exchange and improve on FI :)

  • @ACBlue No gonna lie, if other people were able to help - I'd consider this!

  • Competitors will rise.. It's just a matter of time.

  • @The-Chartist

    Whoever downvoted me should ask themeselves,

    Where's the volume data?

    Where's the number of shares in issue data?

    Why can't we place a limit order or stop loss?

    Why can't we sell at market at anytime unless FI say so..

    Yes Sir this is a bucket shop like it or not.

    Doesn't mean you can't make money, but it does leave a tonne of room for competitors unless they sort themselves quickly to make sure they keep their market.

  • @NewUser48607

    Sadly they'll probably close you down and just steal your ideas.

  • @The-Chartist why are you here? If you dislike the product so much leave, if you want answers to your questions email them. This is a new product and evolving all the time, stick to the stock market instead of whinging all the time.

  • I use the fitness app Strava it actively encourages third party app developers by making its raw data freely available

    A couple of years ago my favourite third party Strava app was called Raceshape it allowed you to compare your effort with others over the same route

    When Raceshape started to gain traction Strava bought it and encorporated it into the main Strava site (it's now called the "Comparison" tool)

    You only get full access to the Comparison tool if you pay for premium membership (standard membership is free) and the only reason I have in the past paid for premium Strava membership is to get access to the Comparison tool

    In that context Football Index's decision to close down FI manager seems short-sighted

  • @Michael-B i fully agree! If he thinks he can do better, he should create his own platform. And instead of complaining here he should write and contact FI directly.

  • TBH I can see why FI would be arsed off by someone swiping all their data and setting up a paid service off the back of it..

  • @The-Chartist This is nothing like stock market investment; it's just a game. As far as I know there are not a fixed number of shares issued. And in no way do the investments in players resemble futures. The advert actually suggested that I would be buying shares in players, but this is clearly not the case. So I accept the limitations of the game and enjoy it. Also the "dividends" are nothing like the dividends paid by companies. I don't want limit orders; I don't want stop losses: if you want to do that invest in the stock market.

  • @Michael-B To make money you donut

  • @NewUser93738 Perhaps they shouldn't call themselves the football stockmarket then...

  • @NewUser93738 Many people have already expressed that they do want those features, if you want to keep gambling then go ahead, but many people do want those things so your comments are massively short sighted.

    What do you think the whole point of having a system of setting alerts was? It's because FI Manager knows people want limit orders... do you even know what they are?

    Anyone worth their salt wants to be able to protect their investment, you do realise without a stop loss your investment is simply wide open.

  • @Dave-C Someone who gets it!

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