Media Buzz Price Threshold

  • I think this has been asked before but couldn't find the thread. We really need a search function on here...

    What's the ruling over the price threshold for Media Buzz qualification and price fluctuations during the day. Ie, if Solanke starts the day outside of the top 200 but breaks into it based on increases in value due to transfer rumours, is he then eligible for articles published after he's passed the threshold? Or not until the following day?

    Long term, why not open MB up to all players. Can't see any downside myself as the top players will still get the most exposure.

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市 No the top 200 is set at midnight for the following day.

    Regards expaning MB, I'm going to summarise all my thoughts with a simple no thanks.

  • Expanding the top 200 would likely cause a crash in the prices of the top players.

    Plus i’m not sure where FI would stand legally, given that punters have placed their 3-year “bets” in top players based on 200 only being eligible for MB on any given day.

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