Tuesday 14th Bargains

  • After trawling through a very interesting list I think tomorrows left field choice would be Josip Ilicic!

    Stats stack up favourably against Atalanta teammates Gomez (£1.35) and Cristante (86p) and has a strike rate of 59 goals in 241 games with a steady 35 Avg PPG. Same age as Gomez at 29, so for 50p there's plenty of juice in the tank if people are wise enough to spot it.

    From a long list of potentials 19 yr old Marseille midfielder Maxime Lopez looks a steal at 50p.

    Players for the Now - Moreno, Lopez, Rodelin, Bamba, Ferrari, Callejon, Brandt, Kurzawa, Ilicic

    New kids on the block for long term holders - Mayoral, Nketiah, Oakley-Boothe, McTominay, Pereira, Nelson, Foyth

    In other words get a bank loan cos tomorrow could get interesting people! :-)

  • @Agatello so many good choices for tomorrow it's been so hard narrowing it down to a manageable list. I think I've decided the 5 I'm targeting tomorrow will be Brandt, Kurzawa, Bamba, Issa Diop and Mayoral, although that could still change. Will be happy if I get 3 at a decent price.

  • Interesting one on Issa Diop, my notes say "good but 70p?"

    5 goals in 60 isn't bad for a 20yr old defender and he averages 40 PPG so he's defo got potential, 70p seems like a harsh starting handicap to me. This is all just based on stats having never seen him play so let us know if he's the best big thing in real life :-)

  • @Agatello Yeah I'm the same as you only going on the stats, was just liking that he had already scored 2 goals this season Monaco went in for him in the summer too but he turned them down and said he would stay at Toulouse for 1 more year. Think he could end up at a decent club in the summer but we'll see. I was put off a lot by the price as well especially considering there's better players today for cheaper prices in better positions. I'm only going to be buying him if I can get him in the 70-85p bracket but I'll be focusing my day mostly around Bamba and Brandt.

  • There appears to be a strong focus on youth today which I find surprising as they're not quite ready yet and might never be. Proven performers in the correct leagues like Rodelin and Moreno limped in.

    Maxime Lopez is 19 AND performing so his price at 50p has to be a steal (decent rise as it happened)

    Ferrari @ Sampdoria is one to watch I reckon, goalscoring defender with a pretty good baseline!

    Only just noticed Angus Gunn is making his England Debut tonight so maybe the emphasis on youth won't be as strong for the others as first impressions suggested!

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