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    Add a zero on each of your picks & you would have made a good start.

    Not going to do anything with just 2-3 futures.

    Not critical of the portfolio - it's good 👍 but what you going to do with this little investment.

    Nothing wrong with your reasoning, so back your judgement - have a pair of balls. 👌

    Crap advice with all due respect sire
    Its prudent to start off small and get a feel of the ropes
    E.G I was reading a twitter from someone earlier who has just gone over £100k who started off with £100

    I myself only started of with £50 - 5 months ago.......

    Not crap advice Sir - sound advice. 👌

    I was acknowledging the man had done his homework & had picked the correct players.

    He needs to invest more - and mark my words, will do, when he sees the profit of his well bought, but little light portfolio.

  • Looks good to me. Best to start steady like this and get a feel for it. Only invest more when you feel comfortable doing so and obviously don't bet more than you can afford to lose.

  • This portfolio only has excellent FI picks in it. It's brilliantly done for a newbie.

    If I have one suggestion, though, it is to consider the overall balance of your portfolio. Given you've only gone for proven winners who are on the expensive side, your portfolio looks a little high risk to me.

    The index goes through phases. Top players will rise for a while, then the focus will be on defenders, then the focus will be on youth, then the focus will be on cheap players. When any of these phases is ongoing other players will be neglected a bit.

    We've been in a top players phase for more than a month now. With the top 50 players ( which I think all of your players are in?) rising 8.8% in the month up to 28th Dec, the players 200-400 have dropped 2.32%, and the FI overall is down 0.65%! (Stats from MattFI's excellent emails.)

    This is not typical - it is merely a cyclical thing. I honestly don't know how long this top 50 trend will continue for. I suspect it was mostly because of the share split announcement. To me it looks like it might already be starting to go into reverse, with recent drops in Mbappe, Kane and Neymar, amongst others.

    Who knows what direction it will go in. My only point is that focusing your investment in one part of the market is risky. It might be a risk that pays off. The share split may turn out to be as lucrative as some people claim it will be. Personally I think it will have something of an impact, but not as big as many people seem to think, and I reckon the market has already priced in most of it. I also predict a collapse in top players around the time of or just before the share split, followed by a slow rise afterwards (you can never be sure with these things, but flippers gunna flip).

    Just be aware that whilst you have chosen excellent picks for dividend returns, it is not clear how you will fare on capital appreciation, and you may find that at times the majority of your portfolio loses value at the same time, and more so than the majority of FI traders! That said, if you are willing to accept these as bumps in the road, and you have reason to believe the top players will recover afterwards as fashions change, that's fine. Just recognise that as a result this is a highly long term strategy - you may not be able to take your money out at the kind of profit you'd like at a given time.

    Good luck! You've clearly got your head screwed on. And welcome to the FI community. :)

  • Another new trader here started a few weeks ago only invested £150 just learning the ropes but I'm about 10% up in that space of time and have earnt £2.30 in divs.

    My port
    2× Pogba @ 12.20
    2x Rashford @ 6.34
    1x Icardi @ 4.10
    5x jong @ 4.11
    5x H.Lozano @ 3.28
    6x B.Dack @ 1.72
    5x K.Koulibaly @ 3.01
    4x M.Gomez @ 2.82
    10x B.Iglesias @ 1.50

    The ones above I'm planning to hold for a while.
    Below are just players iv followed for a few years seem pretty cheap and hope they get a move soon.

    12x B.Dost @ 91p
    12x J.Amavi @ 89p

    I know most of my profit is in my two top players and I only hold a small amount in them. Was this the right way to go considering I have only invested a small amount?
    Any advice welcome I'm enjoying FI and the forum. seems like it could get addictive.

  • got some good stuff there. I will say something about Dost though, and this goes for any transfer speculation stories at this time of year concerning players who are not going to have much value if they don't move.

    He has been linked to a big move. Difficult to say how realistic this is (I personally suspect not). If it doesn't happen his price will plummet. Have a look at his long-term graph to give yourself an idea.

    Buying a player for transfer speculation is high risk/reward. If you're buying after alot of the transfer stories have happened, then there's much less reward. So just be aware you are betting on trying to make quick money in the short-term, and must accept the risks that come with such a trade, rather than a longer-term one based on firmer ground (like many of your other picks).

  • Rabiot is a good example of what can happen if you dont get out at the right time during transfer speculation

  • @Advinculas-Index and he actually moved.

  • Thanks for the reply I see what you mean regarding Dost iv been following him for years when he was playing for Heerenveen. I always thought he'd get a shot in the prem at a Newcastle or Southampton sort of team.
    Was expecting him to move as he's having a great season but now reading that he has a 60million release clause could put a lot of teams off.
    Glad I didn't invest much into him.

  • @DAB83 nothing wrong with seeing a player you like and finding a reason for buying him. He was linked to a couple of clubs in the Summer too, and is certainly a goalscorer, who are always coveted. Just really outlining the often counter-intuitive ways transfer picks play out on the Index and the risks involved - it's a classic way of getting caught out early on.

    If you're stuck holding Rabiot at a loss for example, then at least you've got a quality midfielder playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world.

  • @NewUser210183
    Those are some excellent picks, very similar to my portfolio in terms of names.

    Think the only one I would add is E hazard. Good pb hold and plenty of media buzz expected over the next few months as rumours of Real Madrid come for him

  • I noticed the same with Tammy Abraham I held some in him at 1.99 noticed a sharp rise when he was linked to Wolves, I know he has potential bit I got out at 2.70 as I thought that was enough and I couldn't see him staying that high for long. Could find it tough at wolves also I'm a villa fan so might explain why.

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