ROLL UP ROLL UP Footie is at 49786 now, place your bets on when it will hit the 50000 landmark? 🎱

  • When do you think The FOOTIE will hit the 50000 Mark?

  • Tomorrow!

  • @ocs123 I remember it was around 30k in May 2018 when I joined. I hope you are right, I could never have foreseen this growth

  • Lots of growth but IPOs contribute too.

  • Does anybody have any historical data on the FOOTIE please?

    I’d be intrigued to know what it was when I first started on FI.

  • The rate it is rising weekly it will be at 100,000 by the end of 2019!

  • @NewUser178724 There is ScouseSte I believe who does/did weekly FOOTIE updates on a long running post thread.
    I think it is from 2018 on his but still incredible work from himself to highlight the platform's growth!

  • @TeamGB I know you are right. Especially if the platform keeps doubling every 10 months.
    I just hope the new territories come into effect in 2019 and the sky is really the limit, with the imminent Share splits.
    I am sure the dividends will grow inevitably as top players will then be worth £50 a share and beyond

  • Index Gain provide this data back to Jun 18
    [link text] url)


  • Drum roll...


  • @Parvez112333 Woohoooooo!!!!

  • @Parvez112333 Thanks for the screenshot

  • Up 368 points today! Gotta be Mike’s talksport work.

  • @Hotspur said in ROLL UP ROLL UP Footie is at 49786 now, place your bets on when it will hit the 50000 landmark? 🎱:

    Lots of growth but IPOs contribute too.

    Am I right in thinking IPOs don't count because it's only counted against the top 200 footballers?

    Also, is it calculated against the amount of shares issued in each footballer? And if so, am I right in thinking no new shares are/can be issued in each top footballer?

    I think only 5% of the forum may be able to answer these questions... 😉

  • @Ericali my understanding is IPOs do count and the calculation of the Footie takes into account all players on the index. This is why IPOs can make the Footie look a bit artificial in terms of growth. But I'm not sure if anyone understands the Footie completely!

  • @Hotspur I'm 99% sure IPOs do not count

  • There is another discussion rgd this.
    I think the general consensus was all players count and when FI introduced this index the starting value was set to 1000. So FI has grown by a factor of 50

  • @Ericali New shares in players are issued all the time, it's a part of FIs monetisation strategy.

    They only issue new shares when more people are buying than selling at any time, why you never have to wait to buy. So for example when people we're going crazy for Pogba FI would have been issuing new shares left right and centre and making £15+ gross profit on each one.

    See below from FIs investment rounds: (part you want I made bold)

    "We believe our business model is significantly different from anything that has preceded it in the gambling sector. Please request a dedicated document that goes into this aspect of our business in more detail.

    In summary:
    Every Virtual Share in existence is a fixed odds bet that has been issued by us at whatever the purchase price was at the time of issue. We receive all that issue price as gross profit.

    From Gross Profit we deduct dividend payouts that will be due on that Share over time - an estimated 20%.

    15% Gambling Tax is due only on 'closed bets' (once a customer has sold his share and no longer holds it as an open bet) and where the customer 'loses' (ie sells his 'bet' for less than he bought it for). We estimate that no more than 5% gambling tax will be due in any month on Shares issued, as shares are generally held for a significant period and it's been very rare to date that they have been sold for less than the purchase price.

    It's important to point out that some shares purchased by Users have been 'pre-issued' and are currently held by another player, consequently the selling player receives the sale price and we receive only 2% trading commission. We only 'issue a new share' in response to 'excess demand' for that footballer (rather than excess supply).

    During the period of our Test Campaign 71% of Shares purchased were issued directly by us and were not offered for sale by Users in the market.

    Gross Gambling Yield (profit) on the £17bn bet on football this year is likely to be less than 4.5%. Our margin is demonstrably considerably higher than that figure.

    Our goal is to build a football stock market, with a market cap of £100m."

    I would guess the figure of 71% of shares are new issues now is lower becuase alot more shares aer in the market and liquidity is much better, however when they do issue new shares now. Gross profit is much better because of the much higher prices.

  • The Index was up over 500 points yesterday. What crazy growth compared to only a month ago.

  • @kristiang85 and the leagues are still to come back from break.

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