50,000 Index points

  • Congratulations to FI for reaching a milestone.

    A big thanks personally & I confidently assume on behalf of the general community.

    I don't have a high understanding of "index points" in general.
    I have no idea on what basis FI gets it's points. I've been working on the assumption that it is directly linked to the combined current value of all futures floated on the index at any one time. Keen to discuss and increase understanding if anyone can offer some clarity.

    However I've noticed that's around a 400% rise over this past 12 months - That sounds like a positive thing to me.

    Am I trying to make a point ?

    400% is a figure that stands out. Actually it's the first time I've heard that figure in my time here.

    It suggests to me that FI finances are very healthy and long may that continue.
    Some have suggested they have concerns in this regard.
    I do not based on this figure.
    I do not know what percentage of the FI operating budget has, is or will be paid to investors in dividend rises.

    Lets's take this figure of 400% and break it down.
    Firstly I think we can cut the figure in half - to reflect the rise in average player prices over this past 12 months - which has benefited all (or a vast majority) to this day.

    So if I understand correctly - Around half of FI's revenue can be thrown into "the operating budget" - Dividends, wages, marketing, profits etc.

    I'm inclined to think along the lines of dividends to be set at 10% of previous year's revenue, long term to maximize the product and it's consistent and sustainable development.

    No idea when it comes to "real" FI figures though.

    My point - I think I'll continue to push for a dividend rise.
    How much based on performance in 2018 ?
    I would be pleased with a 50% rise in 2019, but not at the expense of
    (a) legal
    (b) marketing

    Anytime now FI will reach the 50,000 point milestone
    That is to be truly commended and FI has without doubt worked very hard to reach that mark.
    As the rockets take off on twitter this evening I think we can all take pride, onwards and upwards through 2019, 2020 and what Buzz Lightyear said.

  • @C-Arroyo FI seems to be in a great position. Only a matter of time before the casual better will latch on and realise the longer term use for their cash is better here.

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