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  • Is there a way to search through titles or topics of previous threads at all? I’m trying to find threads from around the time of the previous sales split. Can anyone find one anywhere?

  • You can try to search within Google using parameters to specify this site only, and the timeframe of the last share split - if someone can advise of the date then that's quite easy.

  • Date was june 13th 2016 i think

  • @GregF There's no function on this forum unfortunately. I've been asking about this for a while as it should he relatively easy to implement and would prevent a lot of duplication of threads etc. I would ask FI and see what they say.

  • The forum is in desperate need of moderating now.

    There needs to be sticky threads to cover all the basic but important questions the new members keep repeating.

    There's a lot of housekeeping required to merge unnecessary threads. You don't need a new one for every player being pumped unless there's something major going on that warrants one.

    There were four threads for Jarrod Bowen ffs. And I'm a Hull City fan.

  • totally agree. This forum is massive resource ignored by Football Index. It would be one of my Number One priorities if I was them, especially at the moment.

    As usual, it's the existing users who do much of the hard work. But then we're all invested in it - so another smart aspect of their business model. But as the Index continues to grow the balance has to get better. There will be even more sharks circling looking to take advantage for one thing. Can't just rely on goodwill and hope for the best.

  • @GregF there's a podcast by FI Guide which covers what happened last time. Search on youtube. Essentially the big players went crazy. Get on Neymar, Messi and co before the split if you can afford it!

  • @Hotspur this was my thoughts too, although I checked out a footy index scout video on YouTube and was wondering how long it took to get to the original price - looks like it was 10 months, so in theory if the share split was by 4,and in a year Neymar was back at 20 quid, anyone that held him for that period would see a 4x return. Not sure on Messi though due to his age, so thinking Rashford, sterling, Sancho etc would take his place in the top 3. Potentially being even higher than they are now after the split.

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