I don't understand why player value's drop

  • Hi all. This is just a quicki, but I just wanted to know/understandvalue' s drop & so quickly. Here's an example I bought a future if Michael Keane when he was still at Burnley & there was quite intense rumour that he was to be transferred fir big money. I thought that that would happen & yesterday (3rd July) it did. He went to Everton for a possible £30 million fee. I logged on to my account today hoping to see his price rise, but only to find that his price value drop by 25% !! I mean how has that happened ?? Could anybody help me fathom how prices go up & down ?? Thanks in advance for any feedback :)
    as to why player price value'

  • Basically, once the transfer happens then the player is unlikely to be in the news again, at least until the start of the season, and hence traders offload as the player is therefore unlikely to win any media 'buzz. The trick is to cash out at the peak of the rumours but it is very difficult when the papers come out with so much tosh!

  • @Plasticryan Hi mate. Thanks loads for reply. You've helped me a great deal with your thought's. I haven't been on the Football Index site for a few day's (not good I know !!) & missed seeing Keane's up or down graph. I logged on today hoping that I'd have made a profit, due to his profile having raised now that he's at a bigger club, but I now get that a lot of the skill is in the transfer speculation in the close season. Btw mate, to show that your thought's definitely have credence, as another of my player's Naby Keita has risen a lot due to the Liverpool rumour's. Take Care & Thanks again for your help :)

  • You're welcome buddy. I would suspect that Keita will see a drop either when a transfer to Liverpool is confirmed or when the rumours die down and he stays at Leipzig. If a transfer to Liverpool is confirmed I would imagine his share price will settle similar to that of Salah, another one of Liverpool's signings. If he doesn't sign and the player stays outside the Prem then I would expect the share price to fall more sharply in the first instance. However, I am hoping with the introduction of performance buzz that players plying their trade outside of the Premier League are more valuable and thus their share price will increase again. The market at the moment is almost completely shaped my media buzz at the moment so as I say I am hoping once performance buzz is introduced things will look a little different! Happy trading!

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