Kai Havertz

  • Appears to have just jumped up 20p! Has someone just bought 2000? I've not seen any transfer links or anything new today so maybe...

  • Young lad with a big future whose value in here has been steadily rising for a while. Good investment to make imo.

    I’m also made up as I’ve got a few futures of him

  • @Murph been watching him but not bought yet as I don't watch german footy and I like to know the players I'm investing in, dam it!!!

  • @9stevo love german football and havertz is the next big thing and currently demonstrating it. Equally good with both feet, great vision, strong, good tackler, scores goals, assists, knows when to sit and when to go. All at 19. Great player. I hold and am not selling. Will be at an elite club in no time and wont be sitting on their bench

  • @Finlay77 I've just spent half an hour researching him and I'm in, just bought 100

  • @9stevo next time leverkusen play do yourself a favour and watch him. End up loving him im pretty sure. I love seeing his great passing, his turn and dribble, , if he gets tackled he chases and puts in strong challenges to win the ball back. All action and just amazed he didnt go to world cup to be honest

  • Came on here for answers myself, also a happy holder

  • Wanted him when I first joined a month ago and kicking myself for not going in. Too late or is the only way up??

  • @yulogy I’m hopeful that between the share split, a few transfer rumours rolling around, and the fact he can put in some good performances when the winter break is over, mean there’s quite a bit of movement yet.

    Reason I like him is the stability. Yes he’s rocketed last 48 hours or so but he’s been ticking up slowly for weeks.

  • he is one to watch, great player!

    transfer spec around him and for FI he has posted 2 scores of over 200 this season so he is pretty good at PB too

  • He will be big money his contract is until 2022, probably be one to watch at the euro’s next year and a big club will buy him them imo.

  • I'll keep close tabs. The likes of Paqueta, Diaz & Chukwueze for example seem better value in comparison of age but from what I've seen from Havertz he's a real gem.

  • @9stevo

    The timing of his rise and a number of other Leverkusen players around the same date lead to the most likely explanation being due to a change in manager.

  • Can anyone here shed any light on young Kai's recent spike in price?

    He's been in profit for me pretty much ever since I bought him right at the start of the April bonus period, but last nights spike came completely out of the blue as far as I can find.

    I understand there was some money floating around FI with people piling out of Ajax players, but I can't fathom a concrete link as to why Havertz profited so much.

    Not that I'm moaning of course. Between Alli, Kane, Havertz and Maguire my portfolio has seen all of the past weeks' losses paid back in just a few hours 🚀👍

  • think a few part 2 traders put some money in yesterday as well. Market seems to be back on the up after the post part 1 dip.

  • @LuaLua said in Kai Havertz:

    think a few part 2 traders put some money in yesterday as well. Market seems to be back on the up after the post part 1 dip.

    That's what I thought but the FOOTIE is still down another 250 points today.

  • I'm not sure why he spiked... I sold at 3.18... My port is getting depleted but in a good way, I can't turn down sellling when there's a sudden spike like that as there hasn't been a great deal of opportunity to sell to market on the up lately. Did Kane too and DVB before full time.

    For now I've withdrawn about 13k since the bonus 1 period, but I will put back in when I can identify the right players.

  • @Vespasian32 if you could pile it into Martial and Gabi Jesus just to get me outta the red that would be great, thanks ✌🏻

  • @Finlay77 15 league goals for a 19 year old cm who already wins pb says it all really. If i had the money I'd be buying 2000 shares too!

  • Funny reading these old posts (even though it's only 4 months) Havertz being at £1.06 was too good an opportunity not to sell 😂

    Makes me realise that even though my port is down a little now in 3 or 4 months it's going to look completely different

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