The Mystery of Jermain Defoe's Value Rise

  • Hi guys

    Having joined a few days ago I invested in a few players to test the water. I noticed Jermain Defoe was marked as a 'Riser', so I decided to take a punt and invest in a share.

    A couple of days later his price had gone up by 0.37p, which don't get me wrong is great, but what I want to know is why. I initially thought this was down to media coverage because of his move to Rangers, but isn't that for the Top 200 players only? And does transfer news even count in the media ranking? My second thought was that people are investing based on the fact he's going to bang in a load of goals for Rangers, but I don't think Scottish football is even counted on FI.

    For future reference, I'd like to know why his price has gone up.

    Any thoughts are welcome!


  • Scroll down a bit, you’ll see some threads from yesterday on this very topic.

    All of the forum is as baffled as you are.

  • @Bluestar you are as baffled as everyone on else on here - see some of the threads below.

    No, Scottish Prem is not eligible for G&A or MDD and yes, only top 200 players qualify for MB.

    If you check, he's started dropping so you may want to consider selling if you haven't already? He's only going in one direction now.

    I could speculate on a few reasons why..

    1. People not understanding the MB system or G&A or MDD and thinking he will now qualify
    2. Anticipating a return to the England team and taking Harry Kane's position
    3. (Very) long term investors looking to get in early for next season's Champions League, or based on wild optimism that the Scottish Prem is about to be added to the qualifying leagues.
    4. Opportunists relying on others buying to pump and dump. I wouldn't recommend trying this if you don't know what you are doing. Basically people buying low with the intention of selling high as his value rises because of point 1 or 2 above or others doing the exact same thing as they are (point 4). Very risky and not for the inexperienced.

  • A combination of newbies not reading or understanding PB/MB rules and older traders anticipating this
    he will be back down to around 80p by next week he's already dropped by 20p in thelast 24 hours

  • Defoe's rise remains a mystery to any rational investor, for all the reasons you highlighted. Another massive negative is his age, and the SPL seems to be more a retirement home for him than an attempted rejuvenation of his career.

    Don't follow the herd, trust your instinct next time.

    (For more discussion on this topic there are other threads in this forum already, so check them out when you can)

  • Because people did what you did and took a punt on a player in riser list they had heard of that had been in news ish. Player stayed in riser list so people thought he must be a good buy. And so on

    People who got on early made money so will do the same next time. Hence why this sort of weird stuff happens. People who got on late will either

    Learn their lesson
    Throw a tantrum about index being a scam
    Think ok maybe next time I will try and time it better

  • Cool, thanks guys. I thought it seemed a bit weird. A lesson learned I guess!

  • I think I've already done the Sherlock Holmes report on this question on another thread. 🤔

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