Share split announcement

  • About time fi announced the date and by what factor. Clear goals to aim for portfolio wise then for everybody concerned. All the confusion and theories are no good for us all! Just get on with it Mr Cole! 😉

  • @Finlay77 I agree, uncertainty is never good. Was expecting some sort of new year update.

  • I don't think it will be before end of Jan. Everyone is skint and they will want to maximise the opportunity it presents.

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市 the more they delay, the more new users they risk being put off by the high prices.

  • Why delay it any further? I don’t understand the reasons for it. Top players arent really going to rise much further for a while IMO and there should be no more delay. If this doesn’t happen until March then I think it will cause a lot of annoyance. Just get it out the way please FI!

  • Will most likely be February. Let us get the jan transfer window done and dusted and then get the split in time for champions league resuming

  • More info would indeed be nice to have.

    I would imagine that there are many factors which the leadership are considering.

    For example, right now, it's transfer season, a time of excitement on the index. Perhaps they are waiting for the window to close, so that they can breath new excitement in to the index when things quiet down.

    I'm a marketing guy and it wouldn't surprise me if they were planning a huge marketing push in line with the share split. It takes time to produce the various videos and marketing assets that would be required, then it's about co-ordinating that effort with various media partners to ensure things are most effective.

    So whilst I share the desire to have more info with the OP, it's in all of our interest that the company get this right and it gives me comfort to know that they aren't rushing this.

  • I think they will have looked at doing this in 3 phases each generating a spike
    1- the original announcement

    2- Confirmation of a date


  • Mike’s chat on talksport will be interesting tomorrow.

  • @Dan-The-Man the last one was june 13th, 2016 so that was around the start of euro 2016. This time round its in the middle of a season. Just a date and factor be nice to know, even if it was end of march. I think most peoples concerns and desire isnt the actual date but what the factor is and the exact outcome of all dividend payouts after the split. I get what your saying about marketing campaign from your marketing background but i cant see it being based around a potential 1.25p mb dividend or a 3p treble day pb payout. It would be something different. But what is that something different?

  • Good question.

    Trophy season is coming soon. Could we see them use that as a hook?

    Another reason for the vague timeline could be due to the unpredictability of app development. They are in the process of redeveloping their website and given the number of repeatable crash bugs in the iPhone app, I'd imagine that they are working to upgrade their apps as part of that relaunch too, along with the share-split.

    I spent the last decade running tech companies which built apps (including a stock-market app) and I know the pain of announcing a hard launch date and then missing it through unexpected bugs or because the app store took longer than expected to approve the update. It's better to remain vague until you know the product is through compliance, rather than announce a date then get it wrong. Believe me!

    It's also worth noting that there's a little wiggle room in Adam's 'Market Update', when he says the share-split is coming in the "first quarter" he could mean between now and April... or he could mean the first fiscal quarter, ie, April-June. Given that they did the last share-split in the run up to a National tournament and that this summer we have the 'Nations League'... there's a chance they could wait until then to implement the relaunch, particularly if the tech hiccups prove challenging to fix.

    Either way, new apps, new website, new share split - it all seems very positive.

  • To be announced on talk sport today maybe??

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