Joey Gomez, Chalobah induction?

  • How are you supposed to know whos being inducted into the top 200?

  • The top 200 is price driven so the highest in squad will replace lowest in squad where their price is greater.

    The IPO lists can be found under 'academy' section of the menu - for the next day at least.

  • You don't get inducted mate, the top 200 is made up of the 200 most expensive players at Midnight each night. The rest remain in the Squad section and are NOT eligible for Media Dividends.

    The players you're referring to (and any others not in the 1st Team or Squad) need to be IPO'd onto the system (Initial Public Offering). This is where they set at specific launch price at random o'clock during a specified time slot during each week day. There are 50 launched each day until Football Index are satisfied they've added every eligible player from the top 5 leagues, the Champions League, Europa League AND any specific players specially requested (they may be playing the championship - sod all chance of winning anything this season but could be valuable when promoted etc).

    In short - sit tight and keep an eye on the Blog and they'll be available soon and if you're quick you can get them for a bargain price (if they don't IPO too high!)

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