Jarrod Bowen...and IPOs in general.

  • Jarrod Bowen is listed as IPO-ing tomorrow at £1.20. Let's see how much people end up paying...what do we think? £1.80?

    I'm trying to think whether FI make more money holding on to players and releasing them after they become household names, for £1.20, or releasing them a lot earlier (start of the season) at 60p, and then benefitting from the commission as they get traded? Thoughts?

    I assume that it's fairly straighforward to IPO players (in terms of the work FI do behind the scenes), maybe it's not? I'd like to see daily IPO's. There are enough players being requested to IPO a few every day, aren't there? It's a shame, because people who do a decent amount of research trying to unearth an unknown gem, only get the opportunity to invest in them when the majority of traders are aware of the player. Anyway I guess there must be a good reason for FI not IPOing more?

    I'm not moaning though, FI is brilliant.

  • @Bernie-Madoff i'm new here so i can't really give an opinion on the ipo's but i agree with what you have said. Why does it take so long to add players like bowen? On the Bowen subject he really should have been on here the start of last season. I'll try buy at 1.20 i can see him going up to the 1.70s and settle around 1.50s as he wont move in jan. Should be around the same price point as roofe in my opinion. He will be gone in the summer hopefully to a mid table to lower prem team can see him rising to the 2.40 mark in the summer aslong as he doesn't go tottenham hes not good enough wont get game time.

  • Bowen's price will be up to £1.80 within 0.2 of a second of being listed

    The bots buy up any halfway decent IPO. You could still benefit from a nice rise beyond this if you get on within about 30 seconds of listing for the right players.

  • Hi I’m new to football index,
    I Can’t find him on the index, what time do they get listed ?

  • You find the times on the news page. Through the blog tab on mobile site.


  • After the share split do the new IPO's starting price come down ? Currently most are around £1 when released, it would mean after the split you could for example get Rebic for 50p or a IPO 17 year old Greek kid who no one has heard of for £1

  • FI will make far more money releasing them now. Don't forget there will be a lot of these players who don't make it and drop down the leagues. By releasing players now, FI get free money on these guys.

    Honestly if I was FI, I would IPO every pro player in a PB league. People will buy them so it's free profit for them. It also gives people a chance to buy them cheap if they believe in a kid. By only releasing the higher profile prospects , their prices become wildly inflated.

  • just seen Dwight McNeil currently at 1.35 and perhaps rising.... compare that with a Mason Greenwood, Brewster or Chong who are currently less advanced in their careers but priced higher with no potential to move to bigger and better things (potentially will be loaned out to Championship clubs soon) then i see McNeil as much better value for money...

    We invest in youth as a bit of a gamble... We go for united/Liverpool/City players etc thinking they'll be the next best thing... The new Ryan Giggs or Michael Owen... But we often overlook the values in a youngster that plays 'well' for a smaller club and gets a big money move.. think Roy Keane, Alan Shearer, even to a degree Wayne Rooney to name a few?

    Is it not a much less riskier strategy going for a player like McNeil who's started life in the Premier League very well, then it is going for someone double his price yet to kick a ball at a much bigger club??

  • Wow there are actually bots on this platform? I was on at 12 to get bowen. He got added at 12.04 i seen hes 1.20 price it jumps to 1.61. Waste of time

  • Yeah what Paul said, what's the deal with Bots??

  • @9stevo been wanting to invest in bowen for a while. Not been here long but this was the first ipo player i have tried to buy. Clearly i was not given a fair chance to buy at hes offering price due to bots or some other dodgy goings on. Has made me consider selling and leaving. :(

  • It’s not confirmed, but people assume there is bots. I have previously got on players with 5p of ipo price. It can be done. Really is fastest finger first.

    FI know this however and have mentioned in the past about looking at changing how IPOs work.

  • @Paulhcfc Brought this up when I first joined 4 months ago, waited patiently all day for an IPO and he shot up within milliseconds. I've never tried again, the IPO system is pure sh1t and in my eyes a total waste of time for the average punter.

  • @Paulhcfc what price did you get him?

  • @Wino1 i didn't in the end lol when i clicked 1.20 it offered me shares at 1.61 and i honestly don't think he was worth that. 10 seconds later hes up to 1.80s madness

  • Don’t despair, FI themselves mentioned on the FIG podcast recently that they don’t like the IPO system at the moment and are thinking of ways to change it.

    A shame you can’t get on a player that you really wanted, but I wouldn’t leave and miss the opportunites that the Index offers. Most successful long-term traders have given up on IPOs altogether, I think.

  • Ah ok, it really is fastest finger first. I’ve got a knack of it now.

    Today I got Christian Romero at £1 he was IPOd at 90p he shot up to £1.24.

    I’d keep trying and definitely don’t give up, I learned the hard was a few times and bought at the higher end of there price only for them to drop.

    Some people also don’t bother with IPOs because of how stressful it can be. There is still money to be made with IPOs

  • @lotsofgoats beat me to it lol.

  • @Wino1 fair play i'm still abit sceptical about fastest fingers lol. I assume thousands were waiting on him as hes a pretty big player ipo i guess. Just a little gutted being hes that 1 player i requested and wanted. Probably over reacted. But i will never try an ipo again haha.

  • @Paulhcfc be nice if you got first offering if you'd requested that player

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