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  • Hi all,

    I've been thinking recently about this forum and how useful it is for all of us and as a general reference for new users. Whilst the platform has grown massively and continues to do so, so does the user numbers on the forum. Only a good thing and I know when I joined I was relieved to find it as it offered more than the general guides provided by FI and some very useful insights and tips.

    However, I've thought for a while as well that there are a number of things missing which are used on other forums and would improve the user experience massively. I appreciate there is limited scope for FI to invest heavily in this at present, but I think some of these would be very straightforward to implement and I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in approaching FI with the ideas as a collective voice?

    In particular

    Admins. We could do with some admins and moderators on here who can tidy up posts, flag duplicates and generally organise the platform to make it easier to use. I'm sure we could get a couple of us together and approach FI about taking on some roles? Obviously the management would still be covered by FI, but day to day scanning and re-organising may be more efficient?

    Search function. To find threads, players, users etc

    Sticky. Frequently asked Questions. For new users and as quick reference when FI introduce something new - ie. G&A, share split etc.

    Player Threads. So you can track discussions about a player over time. Could be a new thread per season to avoid making them too long...

    League threads. As above, but for the qualifying leagues.

    Match Day chat. To chat about in-play action and prices.

    Polls etc. To allow people to vote on questions in a thread.

    I'm sure there are a lot more improvements you'd like to see, so please post below and we can see what FI think.

  • good post! agree with this. Priorities for me would be a 'community manager(s)' overseeing and interacting.

    Simple priorities for me would be

    • clean up all the duplicate threads
    • make sure player 'recommendations'/discussions and common topics go into the same thread. Like how the 'cheap players' thread works for eg, but obviously doesn't always get adhered to

    Most Importantly perhaps, would be a FAQ/Info page resources section. Links to other useful resources (most of which have established to fill up the obvious hole in FI's own efforts). Basically things that can be linked easily/directed to, to answer alot of the common Qs I'm sure we're all familiar with as new traders - and emphasise how the platform is supposed to work! Ie; Dividend structure not Defoe!

    There is a FI community all over the internet, but this is Football Index's very own resource linked on their own platform. It would be great if it served the community, and especially new traders, in the best way possible.

  • You've highlighted the need for a search function beautifully by suggesting a FAQ forum - one was put together a few months ago by a few 'old' heads. But it's difficult to find unless people are contributing to it constantly!

  • I'm working on a master post right now for all things FI. Will be most useful for new members.

    Things going in right now are:

    Stats sites/services
    Twitter resources

    Other ideas welcome for me to add,

    @Metropolis_山の中の市 This has come up before. In that thread I did say I would be happy to be a forum mod. I think some others carried the sentiment as well. Seems there is a few of use that work on computers and spend more time here than doing work we should be doing. lol. First open tab on my work computer FI and it stays open all day.

  • @Misto good work, this will be very useful. not sure how it would work having Traders as Mods tbh (no offence, you're one of few I follow) - but whatever, feel it's important for new traders especially to see an official point of contact here interacting. Actually, thinking about it, an obvious problem would be they will not be half as clued up....

  • Probably been mentioned before but there should be a ‘£ increase’ option on the portfolio screen so you can list your players that way as you can on the buying pages.

  • I suggest setting up a survey monkey to find out what people actually want from the Forums?

    I think you can put it down as three principles and then add in Misto's points around them. @Keegan-s-Bluff also makes a decent point in as much as who'd trust a trader but then again Caveat Emptor is going to have to be the byword of the forum setup going forward?

    • Explanations

    • Inspirations

    • Expectations

  • Bump.

    Don't won't this one to fall away. Too many threads these days.

    Nothing some good moderators couldn't keep under control...

  • @NewUser210183

    I would very much like this too.

    I like to click on the app and have a quick look at which of my players has gone up the most that day. Currently you can’t do that without clicking on each player, then trying to compare from memory

  • Thanks all. Just bumping this thread to say i'll be emailing the suggestions to FI tomorrow and see if there are any more suggestions/ requests. I'll let you know what they say.

  • @Keegan's-Bluff Is there anywhere to go where you can check an individual players stats to see how many dividends that player has won?

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市
    Don't know whether it would be possible but a break down of pb ratings so click on live ranking click match day then click on the rating of a persific rating? Like points they've scored for what.

  • Just out of interest
    If you click on the Groups icon at the top you can see a list of 4 administrators and 1 Mod
    it looks like the most recent post from any of them was 5 months ago though.

    Perhaps FIG could speak to Adam/Mike about this threads content as he seems to have some contact with the powers that be

    ill put a question in his podcast thread

  • @Misto dont forget noirx4 data product and noirx4 youtube channel ;)

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市 Great suggestion as amount of new posts are getting harder to keep up with

  • forum management has to be mentioned now as it's getting beyond a joke. I admit I'm addicted but 3 hours a day to keep up with it is a bit much. 2.5 hours I was ok with!

  • I've been active on a much busier forum than this, but because it's properly moderated it's much easier to use.

    Merge threads, a couple of stickies. Job done.

  • bumping this again.

  • Ive contacted someone at FI about all this. Will let you know if i get any response.

  • I also emailed. Likewise, will keep you all updated if i hear anything.

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