Dwight Mcneil of Burnley

  • Price flying up, its up by 65% already, why ??

  • He IPO’d today. Looks like a decent player from what I’ve seen but I imagine it’ll settle soon enough.

  • Just looked at him and he's only played in three games for Burnley but he scored in his first game and already has two assists

    A rise of 76.8% in 24hrs I wish I had a few future's in him at the lower price lol

  • Would be interested to see if he keeps going up - their results have improved immediately since he's in the side so you might not be to late to get on!

    But again, the lowest price you've seen today is his IPO price. If you look at his graph you'll see no movement whatsoever until today, because he's only just appeared on the Index. All IPOs rocket in price immediately due to bots and 'fastest finger first' purchases so it's a bit misleading.

    So, he hasn't so much risen 76.8% in 24hrs - all of that's in the last 3 hours or so.

  • Just bought 100 shares@1.52 in him. My first IPO since joining FI in August 2018. He has already increased by 2p.

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