What the ??

  • A player of mine is dropping like a stone so i went to sell and it wont let me its dropped in the time since i tried and lost another £10 why cant i sell

  • Is it lovren?

    Don't panic your probably better just keeping him

  • FI might have suspended instant sell to stabilise the price. Continued drops will be people listing to market, rather than actually selling per se.

    Who’s the player?

  • Suspended player sale but not suspended the price drop........so you can't sell but have to watch the price/profit drop that's shite

  • @Mark.M If IS is suspended, then the only way the price will be dropping is if the player is being Market Listed - so it's not a 'real' drop in price, if you see what I mean.

    IS being suspended is frustrating, but it is there for a reason.

  • I'm presuming it was Curtis Jones. He was as high as £2.62 (I think) pre-match & dropped as low as £1.79 during the game!

    His price has since risen back to £2.04.

    FI earnt a fair bit in commission during that crazy 10 minutes

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