Selling for profit?

  • Hi newbie here, so I purchased a few players last week they are showing as 'profit' which is because the buy price has gone up, however for me to actually profit on this player (real cash), would I need to sell to others rather than instant sell (which is below my buy price).

    Sorry if this is silly question!

  • Yes, you need to put them 'on the market' and wait for another trader to buy that player. BUT don't forget you'll still be charged FI 2% commission, so take the current market price and multiply by 0.98 to get the approximate amount you'll get back.

  • Also the sell queue can take some time on occasion so you might only sell at a price lower than when you put your shares on the market, so generally calculate at 0.95 if you want to work out your realistic "take home"

  • Thanks guys, makes sense!

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