20% ROI in first month: FOMO!

  • Woke up to the pleasant sight of hitting 20% ROI in the first month with all my players now in the green after some serious blunders learning the trick of the trade.

    Fully aware that the rate of return may slow due to the recent pre share split boom and influx of new customers but I’m feeling very confident on FI as a whole.

    Question is: how do you manage your own Fear Of Missing Out? I invested over £350 in my first month rather than the limit I set myself of £100 😂 whenever I see a big rise on my players I can’t help but think “why didn’t I buy more futures”. For context, I have no more than 5 futures in one player and currently 18 players.

    Seriously thinking of living off pot noodles and putting the excess cash into the index 🤷🏼‍♂️ all replies appreciated!

  • @yulogy

    You don’t! Or at least a I’ve been unable to over the last 2 years +.

    The only suggestion is you keep any spare funds in your bank account rather than your FI cash wallet, so you only spend money when you see a player that is such a must buy that you actually need to deposit the cash.

  • @yulogy Glad you're doing well!

    But bare in mind, you will not always be in the green, so it's easy to think about how you would have made more if you'd invested more, vice-versa if you've got some red, you'll wonder why did i invest so much.

    Important to just be grateful for the growth, if you believe in your players then keep ploughing money into them, but all depends on the kind of investor you are.

  • i'd suggest you stick with the well established and go for Chicken and Mushroom pot noodle

  • My portfolio has been pretty static for a couple of weeks (mainly down to the Pulisic drop) so well done on the huge growth.

  • I'm very disciplined; I have a certain buying structure, I'm confident in the players I have, and I'm waiting any 'reds' out. I sold a couple of my early buys for the same reason as you (early mistakes) but still without loss.

    However, I now log into my FI profile more than Facebook and I'm quite looking forward to a long holiday I'm doing in a couple of months to Central Asia where I'll have no decent wifi for nearly 3 weeks so I can definitely leave it well alone...

  • If you're looking for a serious answer you can set parameter for daly, weekly and monthly deposit minutes via the IOS app (assume its the same on other platforms) along with various other measures called "Time Out", "Reality Check" and "Self Exclusion". Just don't panic when you start seeing bits of red as it will happen!!

  • I use the funds I have to trade and haven't put any cash in for a good 6 months, I play with what I have and if a deal seems very good then somebody in the portfolio must go to allow them in.
    With my reds (losses) Piatek a good example, bought him a couple of months ago and subsequently he's been down about 30-35p throughout that time, when I win dividends from other players I buy Piatek again, today he has finally gone in the green by a penny.
    Not saying it's a good idea but it's what I do, 20% is exceptional in your first month, well done.

  • I’ve been on the index 10 weeks and have 13% growth. Very happy with progress so far.

  • Been on since october and just hit 20% profit today 🎉

  • Okay I've pulled half my money out of my regular investment account. Plan to invest £3,000 by December 2019 ( 1 year) with a 50% aim for ROI. Good luck all and thanks to all who commented on this thread!

  • @kristiang85 It's the first thing I do when I wake up and last thing I do before I go to bed. Not healthy at all but it's all fun and games (and profit!)

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