30 Day Eligibility

  • Just a quick one guys.

    Say I buy a player at 5pm and they have a match exactly 30 days from now that kicks off at 8pm, would the futures be eligible
    for G+A for that match?

    Basically, are you covered for the whole of that 30th day or would the cut off be 5pm as that is when I purchased?

  • Well if you guys don't know, I've no chance! haha

  • That's a really good question!

  • I believe the timeframe for eligible G&A divs is always the full day, rather than a cutoff based on purchase time. This is because when you buy a player, regardless of the time you are eligible to win G&A divs from that day.

    So in your example, a purchase at 5pm would make you eligible for G&A divs in that day between 00:00 and 23:59 (midnight to midnight), essentially making it day 1. You can then work out the full 30 days that those futures will be eligible to win G&A divs.

    Hope this makes sense

  • @Rhymenoceros I don't trade for G&A so wouldn't know - but is that genuinely how it works? You can, for example, wait until someone has scored a hat-trick and then buy them after the fact and collect the divs?

    That seems insane.

  • That day you buy is day 1 i imagine, so the next 29 days would all qualify.

  • @lotsofgoats I don't trade for G+A either but if I wait until later in the week I can sneak another match day in on the 30th day so that was my thinking! But yes you can buy after the event (in your example a hat-trick) all the way up until midnight on the day it happens and still reap the dividends for that performance. This is why some players suffer a drop after the midnight deadline has passed.

    I think @Rhymenoceros is right in what he is saying and it makes perfect sense, thank you!

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