• Barca have snapped him up, highly-rated centre-back who's originally a midfielder, so i'd presume he'd be a good passer of the ball.

    Anyone know much about him, if he's a half decent CB, could be a future PB winner at the back.

  • I've held a few of him since the rumours first started. 85% pass success rate, definitely more suited to the mascherano ball playing defender style Barca play. Was linked to Man City and Liverpool in the last couple of weeks too so definitely one for the future.

  • Umtiti- French, CB, Barcelona, World Cup Winner- Peak Price £1.99

    Todibo- French, CB, Barcelona - Current Price £1.89.

    God know why anyone will see value.

  • @Wino1 Difficult to compare, Umtiti is 6 years older and is incredibly injury prone, hence why Barca have bought 3 CB's in the space of 6 months.

    Hudson odoi more expensive than Sane, and the former has barely started. So value comparisons are quite vague tbh.

  • @Meridismo04 my point is, how much can Todibo do more than Umtiti during the World Cup? I’m comparing 2 players of the same team, same nationality.

    CHO and Sane are completely different. Different teams, different transfer news, different countries. Not too many similarities apart from positions.

  • @Wino1 I get that, but when we look at the index and we compare similar players, then many guys out there aren't value for money.

    Marc Bartra was over £3 at one point, playing for Betis and not in the starting 11 for spain. Overvalued? Maybe, maybe not. You can argue that Umtiti himself is undervalued.

    Whilst i understand where you're coming from, hype and potential are key drivers of value for Todibo, whereas for Umtiti, i don't see as much.

  • i don't think 'comparing' players works that well due to the rapid growth of FI in it's infancy...

    i predicted more volatility and higher price rises during the world cup than what eventually happened and it's only been since October/November onwards that we've had crazy highs in soaring values on some players that are with the greatest respect... Average at best.

    It's all about 'NOW' and who's hot right now and that is all that matters.. so anyone in the news or creating buzz will attract attention from investors whilst those who might have been there and done it are probably forgot about...?

    Incidentally... maybe now is the time to get on those, steady solid dependable world class players who might begin to look undervalued after all? Umtiti becomes good value??? Face it.. Callum Hudson Odoi leaves for Bayern Munich and becomes their second highest valued player... Alcantra, James, Lewandowski etc all of a sudden look undervalued?? That is the power of the market!!!

  • @dannypea Well said.

  • More proof that when you just see psg and lyon and skim the surface, most people say its a weak league and dismiss it. Yet this is the league that produces and develops world cup winning players. Their academies are top class. There are more players in ligue 1 that will go from apparent obscurity to top clubs where their prices on here then rocket. varane went to madrid from Lens. Gems everywhere you look. would anyone have got ndombele when at amiens not long ago? Bet he would have been a 65p player at a "shit team". Dig deeper, compare players. I love the research 👍

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