£50 Race

  • Me and a few friends have decided to challenge each other to see who can double their money in the shortest amount of time.

    Been researching the best I can for most of the morning but I'm still at a loss of who to invest in. Thinking a few bigger names around the £4-6 mark (Thiago, Kroos, Aguero), a chunck around the £2-4 mark (Lyon attackers, Reus, Insigne) and then using the rest on cheaper yet first team regulars (German league seems good? Rebic, Poulsen, Duda).

    Seem reasonable? Thoughts and feedback appreciated.

  • Brahim Diaz will have a decent medium term return. Also I think Kevin De Bruyne who has decreased in price recently because he is injured, will increace back up to the 7.60 mark when he gets back on track in the next month or so.

  • @NewUser232321 the only player there that interests me in terms of a good hold is thiago as long as you mean alcantara. How much are you investing? If its £50 as the title suggests i would recommend maybe fishing at the lower end of the index up to maybe the £2 mark that way you can quick flip with IS without losing too much through commision and the spread.

    Keep us updated on how you are getting on and enjoy the index

  • @NewUser232321 if you are in a race to double your money from £50 to £100 by spreading it around on a few players you could be here 12 months.

    I'm on here trying to do the same, only turn £10,000 into £20,000 (100% profit like yourself but on a bigger scale) & I'm currently around £11,000 after 6-7 weeks.

    So it could be a looooong race. 👌

  • If you are going to gamble, stick it all on one player at a low price - £1 or below and hope he gets linked with a move.

    Jason Punchoen 59p
    Obi Mikel 50p
    Matic 88p

    All could see a 50% increase in the next few weeks for different circumstances. Puncheon if he goes Huddersfield, scores a goal or two, Mikel if he gets a move to a PB league or Matic if he scores & Utd continue to impress - especially if a 4-way share split happens and he's available to the masses at 22p 👍

    Not saying these players exclusively - but I'd look at the bargain end of the market for a quick buck.

  • Mahmoud Hassan. Benzema. Big transfers ahead, could fly.

    To double, I'd suck of someone at Utd and find out who they're signing.

  • Thanks for the quick response all.

    £50 investment and all for fun (although I tend to take things a lot more seriously than they do).
    Thiago is alcantara yes. Not entirely sure what the best decision making process here would be, hence the topic. I have thought about going all cheap, sub £2 players but thought it may be a slower progression than maybe a split so I have a bit of everything.

    I should mention time isn't an issue, although if I'm looking at a 6+ month time-scale I doubt my friends know what they are getting themselves into. Think I'll have a few more days of scouting before investing yet. Hopefully it's not too much lose

  • @NewUser232321 by far the easiest way to double your money on here with a very small sum like yourself is by identifying a player who will have a big spike in the short term because, say, they are a massively over-hyped youngster who's going to make a debut/rare first team appearance in the FA Cup. Buy as many as you can. Sell to some suckers just before kick-off. Whilst their price goes for a Burton as soon as the whistle blows, identify and buy the next one. Couple of these and you'll be waving twice the amount of fivers in your mates' face in no time.

  • I would stick to low/mid price player that could be on the move/returning from injury
    Timothy Castagne - 62p - link with Swansea/Celtic
    Origi - 1.37p linked with everyone!
    Samuel Umtiti - 1.70p - will rise next week when back in training with Barca, similar to Mendy who gained this week.
    Good luck

  • @NewUser232321 I would highly recommend keeping a pretty constant eye on the Cheap Players thread in the forum.

  • @NewUser232321 we have today's winner for newest user -> 232321

  • Nikola Milenkovic is starting to pick up points on transfer rumours, maybe worth a look

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