Extra penny grabbing

  • I see theyve made it so you have to list your player for at least 2p below his worth now instead of 1p if you want to sell.
    I pulled out 90% of my money last week. Such a shame as this was a great site.

  • All IPOs from November have a bigger spread to help maintain stability and counter quick flipping a bit - I'm assuming they will revert to the normal spread once the IPOs are done. If you look at Gueye for example who was in the original top 200, his instant sell difference is still 1p.

    Still is a great site in my opinion.

  • I used to make my money from selling when players were up say 15p a share and buying when they were down. I was doing well and into good profit. Now you cant sell unless you instant sell as theres too many players now which means my way on here no longer works. The dividends way of making money requires more investment to see a decent return and you have lots of money sitting which you cant liquidate. So for me its not as good and too risky now.
    You used to be able to trade now its only a gambling site where you hope you get buzz bonuses.

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