Sell price same as Buy price?

  • Hi all,

    Brand new trader so sorry if this is a silly question.

    Ignoring commission, is the sell price always lower than the buy price, or is this only for instant sells?

    So for example if You sell through the “sell que” to another trader will you get the current buy price of that future (less commission) in your bank?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Joining the sell que sells the player for the current buy price because you are selling to another trader.

    The sell price is quick sell (I never use this) which will always be lower than the buy price, but does increase if the buy price increases also.

  • Perfect reply, confirms what I thought was the correct understanding. Thank you!

    That’s good to know then, I was worried that if I get cold feet after moves I would be making quick losses by selling cheap. But even if a player has gone up slightly but I change my mind I can still sell for a profit and move on to the next one (Y)

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