Yannick Carrasco

  • I really surprised that this guy is still around the £2 mark. He’s a creative winger (lots of goals and assists), with good pedigree from playing at Monaco and Atletico Madrid, and being linked to Man Utd and Arsenal.

    Stories today that he’s prepared to take a pay cut in order end his 1 year stay in China and join Emery at Arsenal. Still only 25 years old!

    Looks better value than some of the other transfer prospects who are being touted around and are already £4, £5, £6 +

  • @ocs123
    I got 100 of him last night @ 1.89 and noticed he was trending earlier and got another100

    Highly rated by Arsenal fans apparantly

    I was watching an arsenal fan tv video last night about transfer links and Robbie seemed to prefer to get Carrasco rather than Suarez if it came down to a choice

  • I had him on my watchlist at £1.30 and seriously considered getting him and in the end went for other people. Oh well, we live and learn. I'm learning more and more to trust my instincts on this platform haha

  • I got on Carrasco at 90p...he's £2.09 now so he's not far off being eligible for media buzz. Not a bad hold in my opinion.

  • @bouchet Fair play! I wasn't on FI at the time but I know I would have written him off entirely when he moved to China

  • And I have finally sold my last share in Yannick Carrasco, bought him at 70p and I have been drip selling him for the last few days. One of my earliest trades and most certainly most profitable!!

  • Yes I got on him early and have sold a cheeky 300 just now. Still holding 700 as I think he won’t have the price drop others do when the transfer is confirmed.

  • @Ellisandro Well played! i think you might be right but i thought best not too be greedy!!I was happy to cash out at £1.90 so every time he went up I drip sold off another few shares.

  • Is this whole, you must sell before a deal goes through for max profits, going to become a self fulfilling prophecy.

    It feels like people have been burnt in the past by the likes of the Coutinho transfer so people will now just sell no matter the circumstances.

    There were sound reasons why Coutinho would become less valuable but this fella is moving from China to a PB league ffs.

    He's back in the game.

    Need a few maverick with balls of steel to buck this trend.

  • I'll be keeping my shares in him. If and when he signs for a team in a PB league then I'll be happy taking the media and PB dividends from him.

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