Pavard / Bayern Munich defence

  • Big question in my mind about what the signing of Pavard means for Bayern. Do they want him to play RB as he did for France, thereby pushing Kimmich up the pitch to either CM or RW? And what does that mean for both of their prices; weirdly I think this is probably good for Pavard but less good for Kimmich if it results in an FI positional change.

    Or is he being signed as a CB, probably spelling the end of the Hummels-Boateng partnership and the start of the Sule-Pavard generation? This would be good for the price of the entire back line (Kimmich-Sule-Pavard-Alana) but obviously see a real decline for the elder statesmen.

    It feels like some players could take a nosedive on FI depending on how this transfer all works out.

  • He is a cb, was one of the best cb's in the Bundesliga last season. Just played as a makeshift right back fro France because they don't really have any decent ones, seems very likely that at least one of Hummels/Boateng will move on next summer, if not both. I think Pavard would have other options elsewhere and I don't think he is going to Bayern with the intention of sitting on the bench, he should be great for PB next season.

  • Makes both Pavard & Sule at just above £2 look dirt cheap doesn't it? Starting CB for the dominant Bundesligue team - Could both easily double shortly?

  • I think this a great move for Pavard, agree he will most likely slot into the CB position but could also play RB if they wish to use Kimmich in midfield.

    Does anyone know the price tag he has joined for?

    He will be good next season for PB so if you are patient or a long term player he looks great value now, his PB for France in the WC was good.

  • I think his flexibility will allow him to play both for Bayern. No doubt Kimmich can do a 'world class' job either at RB or in midfield so having someone dependable who can fill in at RB or CB is no doubt useful, my first question however is 'do Bayern need Pavard'?

    I get that the signing won't happen until the summer and with the likes of Javi Martinez and Mats Hummels not getting any younger i sort of see him playing CB more often than not but with Sule & Boateng wouldn't suggest they are desperate in that department? So maybe RB is a better option? he's better than Rafinha for me?

    I also think Kovac might be out of a job before Pavard plays for Bayern so where will that leave him?

    He's £2.13 now... I can see this dropping at least 50p by the summer with a slight bump near the season start but his game time will then dictate whether he grows as a PB beast? I think he's slightly underwhelming in what he brings to the FI table...

  • Great player - can't comment on whether he's a great FI player. I was tempted but will wait until he's in a Bayern shirt.

  • Boateng has been rubbish, Bayern fans are fed up with him & voted him their worst player of the season so far. Martinez has been linked with a move back to Bilbao & Hummels has also been linked with moves elsewhere. Bayern are clearly trying to revamp what is an ageing squad and if Kovac was going to get the sack I think it would've happened by now.

    Bayern were linked with Pavard before he took over anyway and they tend to snap up any decent talent in the Bundesliga immediately before anyone else can get them. They have always been a possession based side and Pavard is a ball playing cb & a very good one at that, so I disagree that is an underwhelming hold for FI.

  • @NewUser82416 the issue which i related to regarding Kevin de Bruyne is that 'IF' Pavard plays for Bayern regularly next season, he has Joshua Kimmich to compete with to be his own clubs best PB prospect in defence and unless FI change Kimmich's position that seriously devalues Pavard's capabilities...

    Will he win MB going forward? NO

    Will he grow in value through transfer speculation? NO

    That leaves growth value reliant on performance only and if he's not even his clubs best PB prospect, I think this will deter investors from holding?

    Not to say you can't still get value out of him this season, but I believe there's better 'goalscoring' defenders that will earn you more for your £2 or so.

  • @dannypea Unless his sytle of play changes dramatically he won't get anywhere near PB. Only bump he's going to get is more CS bonus points and win points than he has now. I'll keep a eye but won't be getting in early on this one.

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