Selling to Market

  • Been trying to understand how this works pretty much since I joined FI a few months ago.

    I rarely sell to market as I consider my buys to be more long term but I put a certain player up for sale yesterday, he has risen by about 20p today so must be some fair significant demand and not one of my futures has sold. I understand the queuing system and all that but how is the player rising and my shares not being bought? I always assumed that rises would be based on the fact that buys outweighed the sells but here I am patiently waiting for my spot at the front of the queue!

    Apologies if I'm being thick but it has been bugging me!

  • It would be helpful to know which player you mean, but that 20p price rise is some combination of:

    • People buying shares that are ahead of you in the queue
    • People unlisting the shares they had in the queue themselves.

  • I also just remembered that when you put futures up for sale it essentially takes them out of the market, which causes price drops, so obviously a players price can rise without all sells being bought.

    I actually work with shares every day in work would you believe but have some blind spot when it comes to FI futures haha!

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