Ben Mendy, Buy now? Or wait?

  • Thinking of buying a few futures of Mendy, looks a good price, can only seeing him going up. He returns in 2-3 weeks according to Pep. City have Schalke in the last 16, they're terrible. A good European run will make his price rocket! He's trading at £3.43 at the moment.

  • Bit injury prone for me.

  • @ADolan5 He's arguably the most dynamic player in the Premiership on the pitch, as a defender who gets assists with his explosive runs. Can only see him rising. At 24, he could be the next Bale.

    It just depends if he can get a run without injury.

  • Valid arguments. But surely buying him now at £3.43 is kind of risk free because he will rise when he is back in the team, he will only return to £3.43 approx. if he gets injured again..
    He's a serious athlete, one of the best players in the league, regardless of being a LWB.
    (Non biased Man United fan).

  • I'm holding (having bought at £2.92).

    If he gets a run in the second half of the season, I expect him to be around £4.50 by May. So yes there's a lot of movement yet, but he is a bit brittle.

    That makes it more fun :)

  • £2.92! Nice, I would absolutely hold. City have missed him, he'll be very important in the coming months. City will win at least one trophy this season. That'll do his price wonders!

  • I bought at 2.99!

    I personally think you should buy as many as possible as soon as possible!

    In all seriousness, he will steadily rise over the next few weeks, this will be the cheapest he is for a while.

  • Massive mendy fan i am, got in well early at £1.79, IF he can stay fit long term he could return some serious dividends.. does need to stay fit and also need pep not to sign another left back in this window haha

  • Now is the time to buy. I agreed about his fitness, but if he's stays fit it will be a big rise. I think Samuel Umtiti (£1.70), who will return to training next week will also produce a good return.

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