Pog-train over?

  • I mentioned to my mate on here I think the buzz is gone now...kept hold instead of selling for a big profit and hes plummeted. Whats peoples thoughts? Holding? Already got rid?

  • @parkins7 Hasn't exactly plummeted but i regard him as a hold, lots more to come imo.

  • If i had a share in Pogba every time I heard that his buzz is over I'd be a very wealthy man.

  • Only a newbie would say a player’s rise is over on here. Every half decent player on this Index is in for one hell of a rise this year with all the new investors and share split

  • He'll be back on top at the weekend, don't worry.

  • Price will fly on the share split. Be a mistake to sell now I’d say.

  • It's January and he not moving, he will buzz from Feb

  • I'm keeping, the main reason i bought is knowing he'll be one of the biggest risers when SS happens, I'm mainly on middle priced players apart from Pogba and Salah.

  • I've been on here 5 months, gradually topping up. I only held a small number of pogba's for a while, and to date I've got over £18.50 in dividends from him. My next closest is Sterling with £2.10, and I've had pretty much the same number of futures both of them over the last few months.
    Pogba may not have won on a week or so but he will always be media favorite - he's at a training camp with no real stories and he still on 180 points for the day, and has consistently been around that every day. One small sniff at a story and he wins hands down. Add to that his recent performances which have given pb dividends too, he's a certain hold for me. If anything I'll be topping up again before long, as he will one of the big winners in the share split without a shadow of a doubt.

  • Priced dropped a bit, think I’ll top up with some more futures

  • Pogba has delivered nearly twice as much in dividends this season than anyone else, including Ronaldo who is 2nd. But he will have quiet spells, like any player.

    Pogba is a long term hold and should be treated as such. Hold for a year or two and you’ll make significant amounts of money, both through dividends and increase in his share price.

  • I dont hold him so i can say this....you’d be crazy to sell this side of the share split unless u needed the money for things outside of the football index, dont sell to invest in other players, that would be nuts in my opinion.

  • Mate please, he can’t win every week. I despair by ppl’s impatience. It’s the transfer window so randoms like Hudson Odoi are winning MB. Once the window is over the press will return to its staple column filler....The Poginator. He is the King of the Index doubling the next best (Messi) in dividends and almost 3 times as many as Neymar.

  • 👆🏻this season, that is.

  • I’ve noticed that seems to be the case on here, if a player is getting constant MB and dominating the media and that said player is known for it such as pogba then everyone jumps in and rightly so... but as soooooon as he isn’t winning the media again and hasn’t brang in some dividends that’s when everybody thinks “ it’s over” and starts to IS to jump on the next person winning MB such as Callum Hudson Odoi and the cycle just continues

  • @TeamGB Sorry for being new haha

  • @parkins7 I was only messing mate! Good luck and hope you make loads of money on here...£££

  • Here we go again, somebody is trying to get the Pog price to drop so they can buy some more me thinks.....

  • 400 points on a routine day for Pogba. Only just missing out on a MB div on a busy news day. Is this thread a serious debate??

  • @Hotspur just above Arnoutavic who has a £35m transfer link to China, and Jesus who scored 4 goals today. What did pogba do? Controlled a ball in training, and was mentioned in a David May (remember him?!) interview.
    Everyone who is selling him off will regret it before long

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