• Links with china today and a 35 million bid. If this doesn't come off but he gets the MB would this be one to get on? As it might drag on for a while as Chinese window doesn't close for a long time yet?

  • He's been hurting my port for the longest time so I hope those Chelsea rumours have legs and he bags a brace against Arsenal in the coming weekend :P

  • I decided not to risk this one, and put him in the sell queue. He's gone almost instantly, so people are clearly still buying him.

    I made a little off him.

  • @kristiang85 just did the same mate, only made a small amount but not risking China!!

  • China seems to be the kiss of death on FI!

  • @GregF said in Arnautovic:

    China seems to be the kiss of death on FI!

    You may as well be going to the moon - it's the new Iron Curtain

  • @GregF obviously, you can win anything from China!!

  • If he does go, one player to watch would be xande silva. Hes an u23player who west ham fans have been drooling over. It looks like pellegrini is trying to fast track him into the first team.

  • I think it's his brother stirring once again (he's his agent) he made out over the summer Man Utd wanted him but there was no actual bid offered to WH...
    It's no suprise there's been an offer from a 'UNNAMED' Chinese club, he's probably not pulled a name out of hat yet... I recon it's bull!!

  • His agent/brother, says he's in his prime and wants to be at a big club, so I can't see him going to China but who knows what kind of money they'd give. The rumour is probably designed to get Chelsea's interest given all the Callum Wilson talk.

  • Arnie wants more money, feels he deserves it, don't get me wrong he's a great player for west ham (but I find him to come across as quite a moody looking sod and I'd imagine he could be a disruptive character on the training ground if he wants to be) west ham won't give him any more money, he's tied in with his current contract until he's 33. If the money is right we'll sell him, I reckon 50 mil would do the trick. I'd take that given his age.

  • I've wanted to buy into him for a while now. May wait to see what happens. Hopefully drop a little more and then shoot back up.

  • @Super-Stubbys
    Yep I agree 50million and they may look at selling. End of day he's been out recently for nearly a month with injury and previous to that he was playing with injections coz his knee wasnt right, with that and 30 in a couple of months 50 million is worth it but nowt less for me

  • @NewUser152315

    Currently @ 247 if China move comes off can see him hitting 80p. Holders must love taking risks, why not just repeatedly cross a Mway with your eyes shut?

  • Read the statement his brother put out, i would be selling.

  • @Tom77 'It is his great desire that West Ham accept the offer from China'

    Jesus... i'd be instant selling right now for sure.

  • @Chris-J said in Arnautovic:

    @Tom77 'It is his great desire that West Ham accept the offer from China'

    Jesus... i'd be instant selling right now for sure.

    Yep.... Seems pretty cut & dried.

  • Can't help thinking it's all a lot of posturing to get a bigger fee from China.

    If the player wants to get treble the wages in China, let's face it, he's going to go.

    It's all a bit Payet-ish to me. The board know the transfer is going ahead. They are just playing the game to maximize the profit.

    Fair play. 👍

  • speaking of Payet... just seen that a well known established trader (who shall remain nameless unless they would like to come forward) has brought x100 Payet at seemingly £1.37 or therabouts a pop....

    Interested in the strategy and will be keeping an eye on the situation as i believe any further rumours with a move to China could see his price fall further... so on what basis has this investment been made i wonder???

    As for Arnautovic... he has no allegiances to West Ham and for me is the type of player to take the move which is a scary thought for any holders????

    I do love how China has become the devil of FI and anyone touted with moving to that huge nation is suddenly the most worthless evil hold that one can have!!! adds a bit of volatility when we all think everything's going swimmingly well!!!

  • I think China is generally for players at the end, or coming to, the end of their careers so there is little value in holding the share.

    Especially if they after a 18-24 months pension plan. By the time they come home they are generally finished as a top class footballer.

    The anomalies are Oscar & Talisca. Both are young enough to come back and still be a force if they haven't grown fat & lost all their desire.

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