Is Bernardo Silva secretly a bit shit???

  • First things first I'm talking from a FI point of view (should be obvious but isn't always) before I get a load of angry Citeh fans posting abuse (we know you're a touchy lot 😂)
    He's having a wonderful season, truly brilliant and getting rave reviews playing for the best team in the country but his value is still pretty low in FI terms compared to his very obvious quality. I ploughed a fair bit of money expecting him to rocket when he played more this year and everyone saw how good he is however if he was English, at man utd and hadn't't kicked a ball yet he'd probably be worth more!! 😂 He's gone from £1.50 to £3 in 12 months and increase £1 in the last 6 months so is he just never going to hit a decent price on here due to being unfashionable (no MB) and often over shadowed in that midfield (no PB)?? I think I may have just answered my own question there you know 😂😂😂

  • @9stevo my issue with Man City midfielders is there's far too many of them to pick a stand out star. Sterling's price is high because he's young, English, was in the media loads, as well as playing well. Compare him to Sane who just plays well and there's a significant difference. Mahrez, both Silva's, Fernandinho, all good players but no media and overshadowed by others in the team getting higher pb scores, not to mention they're not guaranteed starters so more limits on PB.
    KDB is the anomaly, but his price rose more when he was injured than when he was playing oddly.
    For me, lots of reasons why out of all the players, I only hold Sterling.

  • he's not even the best Silva at his club let alone midfielder....

    I agree though... wonderful footballer, delightful on the eye and i feel he'll play a huge part for City over many years to come but... as an FI hold i see nothing but slow painful lengthy growth over the next three years or so...

    depends what you want? Quick flip double your money in month one type turnover or that steady but slow boring quarterly penny progressing player that won't let you down long term... but really have you the patience?

    I do try and stick to a philosophy of picking a clubs 'best asset' and trying not to have too many more than one or two per club as they will have a better chance of returning either PB or MB and i question behind the likes of KDB, David Silva, Sterling, Sane, Aguero, Jesus etc where does Bernardo Silva rank?

    He's not for me but that's not to say the £3 he's worth now can't be worth £6 this time next year and on the grand scheme of things that aint a bad return!!!

  • I decided to sell all of them, didn't see him as a good long term hold...

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