Where do people get their news/rumours from?

  • Everyone knows at this time of year timing is everything, so I was just wondering where people get their transfer news from.

    Particularly interested in Non-Premiership transfer news/rumours.

    I have Football Italia and Football Espana apps on my phone which i use and are good, and transfer rumours app... But im particularly lacking in Ligue 1/Bundesliga info. Is there any in English? And if not, how do I find out (apart from on here) that Antlers Gen Shoji is joining Toulouse in the January window? Or Hannover 96 have agreed a deal to sign a new striker?

  • I'm lucky to have an office job where I can keep a window open with the user activity window running when I've got some cash to play around with.

    If I see 'user just bought 100x' I generally search the player's name (particularly if its someone I've never heard of) on twitter/google to see if there is any breaking news from a reliable source.

    You will never be the first to invest using this method but can generally get in early enough to make some money on the more obscure transfers.

  • I speak to an Italian fellow called Alfonso. He tells me about Sampdoria/Torino and other Serie A teams who’s players i’ve never heard of.

    I then write all the names down, nail them to a frisbee and f*** it off over a rainbow and buy Bundesliga players who’s names are amusing anagrams of internal organs.

  • @Chris-J Isn't that why people get burnt? Pump & Dump. Half of those drop just as quickly the next day when everyone sells.

  • @Metropolis_山の中の市

    Only the naive ones.

    I use it purely to draw my attention to a player - I still have to do my usual research and valuation before investing.

  • Twitter. Just found out about the Malcom to Chelsea rumour...

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