Thursday 16th Bargains

  • Today was pretty cold on the index after a hot Tuesday. Tomorrow see's the return of the broken IPO section from the same day - bringing with it at least 5 interesting young talents.

    The stand out guys for me are :-

    Jonathan Bamba, 21, prolific and St Etienne just happen to play 3 times on obscure nights before the end of November, 17th Lille (A), 24th Strasbourg (H) and 28th Bordeaux (A). 40p could be paid back instantly.

    Eddie Nketiah, Arsenal's 18yr old superstar who we all know announced himself on the big stage in spectacular 5 mins in the Carabao Cup. One for the future and bound to follow Reiss Nelson's hot launch. Only 40p

    Giovanni Simeone, 22 yr son of Diego and already leading the Purple front line for Fiorentina with serious aplomb. Great IPO price of 50p.

    Denis Suarez, 70p, only 23 and getting regular starts for Barca along with his own fair share of goals.

    Borja Mayoral, only 20 and picking up minutes in that star studded Galactico team and still finding the net. Marcos Llorente limped in at 1.22 from DCM, Asensio flying at 2.43 from Midfield, what will this guy be doing from the better FWD grouping in a years time with Ronaldo seemingly on his way out?? 50p no brainer.

    Gianmarco Ferrari, 50p, goalscoring defender for Sampdoria along with a decent baseline. Surname's probably worth an extra 5p too ;-)

    It's quite difficult to Benchmark Lorenzo Pellegrini, 21 and performing well in a Roma midfield and a record of 10 G and 10 A in 66 games should suggest he's worth a lot more than 60p.

    Being a Spurs fan I can't value Josh or Tashan as my biased views are severely compromised.

    Kagawa is well known from his time at Utd and with a record of 49 G and 43 A in 217 you'd be thinking 80p is a steal but I'm not sure whether his inconsistent game time at Dortmund and being 29 goes against him a little too much.

    Youngster Amiri looks a great prospect at 50p for Hoffenheim but Demirbay's currently the better performer in the team and limped in at 72p :-/

    Jerome Boateng, amazing baseline but somewhat goal shy. It'll be interesting to see how much attention he gets at £1.20.

    Serge Gnabry was smashing them in for Werder Bremen at a rate of 1 in 2 last season but been out injured for this. Not sure he's an out and out striker but he's only 22 and Hoffenheim are back in with a shout in the EL. 80p could be worth a punt for his age.

    Finally, 2 outstanding strikers are coming in with Milik 90p and Berardi £1. Milik's record is amazing but he's out with ligament damage and Berardi needs a bigger club right now to justify that price tag in my eyes. Shame they're not coming in at 50p.

    All in all, tomorrow should be a hot day on the Index! Fingers crossed

  • Interesting point with Bamba worth a punt, do you know what times mayoral and simeone will be released?

  • Yep Mayoral 10-12 and Simeone 12-14. Get yaself a pillow for 4 hours ;-)

    You can actually find the IPO's if you click on Blog from the main page mate.

  • It's worth adding Gabriel Boschilia to that list, 21 and bagged 5 in 6 in his breakthrough season at Monaco. Hasn't featured much this season at all, injured maybe?

  • @Agatello thanks, sounds like a good day to phone in sick!

  • Could also be some value in Anthony knockeart who I’ve been impressed with for Brighton, if they don’t avoid relegation I think destined for a bigger move still a few years in him at 26

  • No sign of Bamba yet

  • He didn't rise as much as I was expecting but considering he's Senegalese (I think) then I should imagine he'll be one of a finite number of leading strikers (with Mane of course)

  • Could be a beneficial long term hold though if he keeps banging in goals in the French league, Neymar and mbappe both linked with moves away from PSG could cause a transfer frenzy for forwards

  • I agree, a good long term hold for me

  • @Agatello

    Gabriel Boschilia did his ACL in Feb so not 100% recovered at the mo hence lack of pitch time

  • He was already promoted too. :-/

  • @Agatello
    yeah just noticed too - 92p definitely too much of a gamble for me, 50p coming back from an ACL injury is worth the risk, at 92p I think there are better options but who knows, he'll probably score the game winner this weekend lol

  • @Agatello cannot believe Pellegrini has only got to 67p. He's an absolute bargain at that price.

  • There's a few that have hardly shifted, apart from the players in mass demand I'm amazed that some have only risen by 10p, I wouldn't be surprised if Bamba would have risen by the same amount even if he launched at 70p! (sounds stupid but there's probably an element of truth behind it).

    I've noticed about 10 players who are ridiculously underpriced and I'm hoping that's still the case when this IPO phase finishes which might be a while yet!

  • @Agatello I know I have a list of players that I want to buy but I'm saving my money for the new IPO's. Just hoping they can stay at their current prices and I'll pick them up when all the players have been added. Can't believe some of the prices when you have some ridiculously overpriced players as well.

  • @MrFrenchTickler
    Agreed on Pellegrini, very underpriced, he’s a regular at Roma, part of the national team and a very interesting young prospect indeed.
    He was receiving loads of interest from the top team but Roma had a buy back clause and got him hence the low media attention byput defo a great investment

  • Young Basle centre back Manuel Akanji went under the radar in the 16 Nov IPO barely shifting from his 30p list price

    He was MoM in last night's UCL game vs Man Utd and Barca are said to have scouted him

    Looks good value compared to many on the IPO lists

  • okay, Black Friday - Half Price IPO's. Tonight Matthew I shall mainly be coming out of retirement to research for hours! BOOM!

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