Carlos Soler

  • One of my medium term holds - looked hideously underpriced at £1.50ish for a player of his age and talents.

    Rumours of a Barca / Man City transfer this week shot him up to over £2. What I don't understand is the current contraction in his price - the rumours are still rife, his price for me is worth £2 even if he stays at Valencia based on their Europe progression and his average PB score. I set a target of over £2.60 before considering a sale, and I can see him getting there this season, with or without a move.

    My question is - is that the normal cycle? Rumour, hysteria, price swell, price contraction? How likely is it that his price will go back to what it was at pre-rumour?

  • @Phil-B

    Hold him @146 & was tempted to cash a few when he was over £2 but resisted as we are still early in the window & plenty more to come with or without a confirmed move. Many traders will cash out when they hit a certain % profit, so after such a sharp rise they often falls back. Choice is ride out the fluctuations, based on his long term potential or trade in & out & try to predict the fluctuations but then risk getting your timing wrong & missing out. Likely to settle above his previous high but below recent spike IMHO.

  • Had the same temptation - but I've set exit prices for each player I hold and I think it would serve me better to stick to those unless the reason I invested in the first place changes.

    One of those things you really have to defeat your own mind over on this platform - becomes hard watching your profit ebb away, but the right thing to do if you still believe there's more profit to come.

  • @Phil-B I'd set exit prices too but the the share split was announced and totally derailed my strategy.

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