Mourinho @ Madrid

  • Given how his team's traditionally play (defensive) is this bad news for the young talent that has recently been bought? Diaz, Vincius & Rodrigo?

    He has a thing for trying to buy the finished product & likes that to conform to a certain, some say backdated system.

    Look at the Utd forwards & how different they look post Mourinho - it can't be good for the youngsters at Madrid can it? 🤔

  • @Ericali an interesting point which goes further to the PB potential of their entire team. I hold Kroos and Ramos, presumably Ramos will stay on pens regardless as I think hes yet to miss one (?) but looking at united PB stats it didnt make great viewing - granted different league different players etc

    I would personally be surprised if he did end up back at Madrid, didnt he fall out with a few people there in typical Mourinho style?

  • @Wilba I think he fell out with Casillas, Ramos & Ronaldo the first time.

    Marcelo for example, still speaks highly of him. He apparently gets on well with the President Perez & the rumours were still there when he was in charge at Man Utd.

    But they look to have gone up a notch since. Let's face it - Solari is just a caretaker.

  • He's good for a quick title, and then it all goes downhill from there

  • Whichever club he goes to next, if ive got any young players at that club, ill be offloading them

  • Edit: wrong thread

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