Recommending FI to family n friends

  • Hi guys.

    Im sure most are embroiled in trading the transfer market atm but iv been on here 3 or 4 months now and have thought about talking to family n friends about putting a few quid in.

    Whilst im sure it wont be too hard to convince a few mates to start investing the real money may come from parents aunts and uncles who have modest amounts just sat in bank account not doing much.

    I just wondered if anyone had done this before and how they went about it? I had the idea of buying the usual top performers sit on it for a couple of months and show them the growth. FI is a relitavily simple concept but when trying to explain it it can get complicated.

    With the share split coming and growth seemingly increasing surely this is a great time to be investing, its just how to pitch it to someone who has little interest in football but has a few quid spare.

    Thanks for any advice.

  • Wouldn't bother if you can't instant sell players on a regular basis that's why I'm limiting what I'm putting in.its not really a thing for people with loads of spare cash, I'd say to my dad bout it and tell me to piss off and he'd laugh how some of this site is run instant selling being one!

  • Cant say i agree with your train of thought there Clackers old bean

  • @CLACKETT have you typed this out twice, or just copied and pasted from your other post?

  • @GregF started on here then dint post so added a new topic

  • @CLACKETT i wish people like you wouldnt post such negative things any time you get upset. If you or others like you feel that way just take youre money out and go we wont beg you to stay. People invest serious money on here and and yes its a bit of fun aswell but this moaning is counter productive you go and invest a load of money into a company then go about bad mouthing it to everyone you meet so dont do it here. They will have their reasons for suspending instant sell they arent trying to steal youre money!

  • @Black-wolf I'm just stating a fact if you can't take money out of 1 player invest it in another. It Can't really be taken that serious.

  • @Black-wolf see you find a little bit of moaning and unrest gets the problem sorted sooner!💪👌

  • This post is deleted!

  • @CLACKETT I can’t imagine a couple of posts on a forum was a key driver in getting a major trading process on a trading platform back up and running.

  • Didnt imagine getting this response 😂

  • @Andy-FIB sorry mate i get annoyed with negativity

  • Me too mate. This is a great platform and comments like that can be so damaging.

  • @Andy-FIB iv been on here a similar amount of time as you and from what i gather we may have joined at a perfect time but thats not say others who have been on longer shorter may feel that they joined at the perfect time however it seem there has been a lot of growth and likely plenty more. Its hard to explain the concept to others ive told a lot of people and im yet to speak to a single person whos even heard of it.
    The best way for people to get on board is just to hope they try it for themselves and get as hooked as we all are. But putting the current growth aside the index is funny at the moment with everyone preparing for the split i think any new user who wish to try it may find it all looks quite expensive (even though you are better getting in sooner) after the split may seem a lot more attractive to new members. It all depends on how much they wish to invest

  • I wouldn't push FI on anyone. Yes I've told friends and family what I'm doing, and leave it at that. The last thing you want is a fallout with one of your family for losing them money. Because most of us on here are doing reasonably well, we're in a bit of a bubble, and doesn't mean your closest will trade like you do. Most of your profit is someone else's loss. Money has no friends.

  • @Ollie

    Thanks Ollie. I understand what u mean however i was thinking maybe putting a couple of thousand into 4 or 5 'safe' players and just leaving it alone for a couple of months without trading in and out?

  • @Andy-FIB Hi Andy, I personally have done exactly what you suggest. I have been on FI 3 years next month and over time my faith and enjoyment in the product has increased hugely as has my investment.

    Over the last year I have offered to friends and family that if they have money lying around earning very low interest in banks or ISA's then I will offer to look after their money and offer them a much more competitive interest rate than the banks. At the moment I have £45k from other people that I have in my FI account, however they don't all know the detail of where there money is, I just told them I can get better returns and they are happy with that. This has allowed me to accelerate the growth of my account and my family and friends are getting more for their money.

    I do appreciate the risks but also I feel it's a wonderful opportunity. Only time will tell.

  • @Martino Good for you but I would personally never do that. There’s no absolute guaranteed money can be made on here and people need to be realistic. If players prices went down or worse happened then I could lose money I couldn’t afford to pay back and that may lose friends and family. All depends on personal circumstances.

  • @TeamGB Exactly mate, all about each individual and their opinion on risk. I agree there are no guarantees but that doesn't mean that substantial growth is not realistic. I appreciate all that could go wrong, have weighed it up and I believe the potential upside is incredible and therefore worth the risk. Just letting @Andy-FIB know that i've done it and how. Just a bit of info to help to make the best use of his Aunties money :-)

  • @Martino You are gambling their money without their knowledge? Just wow.

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