Recommending FI to family n friends

  • I wouldn't push FI on anyone. Yes I've told friends and family what I'm doing, and leave it at that. The last thing you want is a fallout with one of your family for losing them money. Because most of us on here are doing reasonably well, we're in a bit of a bubble, and doesn't mean your closest will trade like you do. Most of your profit is someone else's loss. Money has no friends.

  • @Ollie

    Thanks Ollie. I understand what u mean however i was thinking maybe putting a couple of thousand into 4 or 5 'safe' players and just leaving it alone for a couple of months without trading in and out?

  • @Andy-FIB Hi Andy, I personally have done exactly what you suggest. I have been on FI 3 years next month and over time my faith and enjoyment in the product has increased hugely as has my investment.

    Over the last year I have offered to friends and family that if they have money lying around earning very low interest in banks or ISA's then I will offer to look after their money and offer them a much more competitive interest rate than the banks. At the moment I have £45k from other people that I have in my FI account, however they don't all know the detail of where there money is, I just told them I can get better returns and they are happy with that. This has allowed me to accelerate the growth of my account and my family and friends are getting more for their money.

    I do appreciate the risks but also I feel it's a wonderful opportunity. Only time will tell.

  • @Martino Good for you but I would personally never do that. There’s no absolute guaranteed money can be made on here and people need to be realistic. If players prices went down or worse happened then I could lose money I couldn’t afford to pay back and that may lose friends and family. All depends on personal circumstances.

  • @TeamGB Exactly mate, all about each individual and their opinion on risk. I agree there are no guarantees but that doesn't mean that substantial growth is not realistic. I appreciate all that could go wrong, have weighed it up and I believe the potential upside is incredible and therefore worth the risk. Just letting @Andy-FIB know that i've done it and how. Just a bit of info to help to make the best use of his Aunties money :-)

  • @Martino You are gambling their money without their knowledge? Just wow.

  • @Martino that's a bold gamble mate.

    I mean, I can understand them not knowing you've got the money on Pogba or Cavani, etc, but do they at least know it's on the FI or a gambling platform?

    If not, I'd recommend showing them where it is while everything is going well, that way you can be transparent with them incase anything ever goes wrong.

  • @Dan-The-Man @Hotspur

    Kind of, I have enough money in other places, be it my house or other investments that there is enough to pay them back in the extreme circumstances that FI disappears over night. However by borrowing the money from them I am able to have a bigger amount in FI and take advantage of the crazy growth of the last couple of years and hopefully the next few too.

    So ultimately I can afford to repay them but it would still be devastating to lose it as it would eradicate my savings. But as I say, it's a risk I'm comfortable with at the moment

  • @Martino

    Fair enough like Martin.

    I was good friends with a fella who risked his families money on various projects. I can't tell you how much it crippled him when some of those projects went wrong. It's not that his family turned their backs on him... it's the weight he felt when he lost their money. He sold his house to pay them back but man... the heart ache.

    But hey... You sound like you've thought it through and have your plans in place if something goes wrong.

    To be honest, I believe so strongly that FI has room to grow that I feel like you're on a winner. I hope it all works out for you.

  • @Dan-The-Man Fair play Dan, really appreciate that.

    Agreed, it'd be shit to end up selling my house but I think I could just about avoid that if it went bust. The way I see it, if FI doubles or trebles and dividends increase accordingly which I believe is well within the realms of possibility then there's no reason this couldn't be my main income in a couple of years. Capital growth this week was more than I earn in a month at work. I'm not trying to boast here, just stating that I'm taking a chance and chasing a dream and taking all risks into account for me it's certainly worth it.

    I'll also add for context that I'm 32 and single with no children so I feel no weight of responsibility which is obviously a huge factor for the majority of people when assessing risk.

  • was sat watching the game with my dad last night and the FI advert came on, he knows I'm on FI as he has twitter.

    Made me feel uncomfortable when he asked me about it and how much I have made.

    I told him and he's adamant I will lose it, as much as I explained it to him hes doesn't understand the concept of it

  • I've had friends ask me to invest on FI for them because they like the returns, but don't like football so they wouldnt have a clue what to do. I simply won't do it, there is only down side for me.

    @Martino From the sound of it, you are taking your family's money for gambling. Hoping to get a good return and not returning all the profits to them if it goes right. You also said you got the money to cover what your family had given you in the wrost case, without the need to sell your house. So why not risk that instead of their money. Each to there own and I wish you luck, but that would never sit right with me.

    Out of interest where do they think their money is? I can't imagine giving someone a large amount of money without knowing what they are doing with it.

  • I knew a guy who was given about 50K from a group of friends for him to gamble rather than invest on the Asian stock markets to try and make big returns. Unfortunately it was 2008 when the big crash happened in the markets. The so called friends turned on him and got nasty when they found out what happened. I blame all involved in that situation. All parties should have known the risks.

  • With friends and family, I've told them about FI and how much I have made but have been very clear that whilst I think I am pretty good at it, most of the profits have been as a result of the pyramid element. Its not a pyramid scheme but it has some of the attributes of one. I've advised that I think it will keep growing at a decent rate but its not guaranteed and they should only put in what they can afford to lose. No one has followed up.

    Re Martino - its ethical providing its 100% clear that you will refund losses if you lose the money and you are comfortable with the risk. I don't see a problem with you taking a percentage of the profit as you are doing the work.

  • @CLACKETT said in Recommending FI to family n friends:

    Wouldn't bother if you can't instant sell players on a regular basis that's why I'm limiting what I'm putting in.its not really a thing for people with loads of spare cash, I'd say to my dad bout it and tell me to piss off and he'd laugh how some of this site is run instant selling being one!

    Why do you need to instant sell ?

    Buy good players. If you aren't confident that you can find a buyer for your player via Market Sell then maybe you aren't investing in good players. FI/IS are essentially just another buyer. If you make a poor selection I don't see why they should bail you out.

    Pretty much everyone I have IS has been a mistake where I regretted buying or due to something like the Ibra injury where really I should be grateful FI were giving me most of my money back on a 36 year old who had just blown his knee up.

  • @mike778 so in your view it's ethical to borrow money from your family and then gamble it without their knowledge?

  • @Hotspur said in Recommending FI to family n friends:

    So in your view it's ethical to borrow money from your family and then gamble it without their knowledge?

    Kind of.

    From an ethical point of view, if its 100% certain that he is taking on all of the risk and he will refund any losses then I think its ethical. Essentially he is loaning money from them with the return on the loan being a share of the FI profits. Its not a normal arrangement but if its 100% certain this is happening then its ethical.

    If he is putting his families money into a gambling website and they are taking the risk then no its not ethical.

  • @mike778 tell me out of this lot who's a poor selection.! And y?
    If u want to cream a bit of profit quickly and want to cash out if u need it. Or know something is goin on with a player and u would make more profit quick selling investing elsewhere. It's a No brainier?
    Aouar, neymar, pogba, kroos,hazard,salah,mbappe,f.mendy,havertz,uth,d.suarez, o.plano

  • @mike778 thing is he has said he hasn't told them it's in FI. So he's hinding that, what ever he told them is a lie, or his family have gave him that much money no questions asked, which would be mind boggling. If you are borrowing that much money. I think it's unethical to not tell them where it is.

    Also he has the assets to cover the "loan" why not use that money. Like I said each to their own and none of out business really. Just something isn't adding up.

  • I find simply asking people their recommendations on players is best. When I ask West Ham fans who is next on their production line, most say Rice. I say he's too well known. Most have then said Xande Silva. They ask why and when I show them the price rise in Rice they grow an appetite. Same for absolutely anyone foreign who likes football!!

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