Aldo Corzo - Careful

  • Looks to be the next pump and dump. Peruvian defender who plays in Peru with no transfer links. Oh and he is also almost 30 years old. Clear pump and dump so be careful before investing, he is already on top risers list.

  • its only a matter of time that Advincula gets this sentimental boost!!!

    Seems to be happening quite a bit right now with players that don't play in PB leagues and dont really have no value on the index?

    Amr Warda is one who i looked at i the World Cup due to the fact he had nice hair, i watched him come off the bench for PAOK Salonika this season and have been mildly impressed when he does play but he's not even held down a position in Greece, so why the surge in value today???

  • @dannypea someone on another thread mentioned links to West Brom for Warda but that could be BS. But yeah, the pump and dumps are easy to spot, it's always a 30 year old defender no one has ever heard of haha

  • Definitely seem to be more prevelent over the last couple of weeks. I think someone's out there taking advantage of the newbies unfortunately, any rumour on these forums seems to lead to a surge in buyers. I hope serious new traders are doing their research before jumping in

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