• Robert lewandowski ...... surely this man is well undervalued his goal scoring record is unbelievable he plays for the best team in Germany still really in his prime and only3.24trading , no wonder he's gone up 17 today

  • I’d agree if they didn’t get such a difficult tie in the champions league.

    Bayern getting dumped in the first knockout round will hinder any growth.

    Likewise, if Bayern get past Liverpool and Lewa scores 1 or 2 his value will rocket.

    Risks and rewards.....

  • Muller at £1.57 is also crazy value.

    Bayern players are pretty low key, generally happy and rarely push for transfers which keeps their FI values down.

    It would be interesting to know how many Bayern players have ever won a MB - I can’t thing of a single occurance.

  • Armen Robben 0.75 and linked with a move to Inter when his contracts up... I know he's 35 but surely tempting with the quality he possesses should he stay in a PB league..? Think he's won a PB this season already and wouldn't back against him winning another one??

  • Arjen even.. I wasn't praying... Yet!!! Bloody predictive phones!!!

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