Match Day Reactions (Live, TV, Radio and Apps & MOTD)

  • So, a question to people who are into their live match day trading and In-play flipping. What do you find is the quickest and best way to follow matches and receive notifications. Any tips, or resources you are willing to share?

    Curious to hear of anyone who lives near a stadium or has tracked this - ie, the lag between a goal being scored, 'live' tv coverage, app notifications and radio commentary.

    Best --> Worst

    Watching the match live in the stands. Fastest possible reaction, but who sits there with their phone trading at matches? Could also get burnt with an offside or disallowed goal before they've realised. Would potentially be good though - jump on as a goal goes in and off a few minutes later when everyone has realised and bought in.

    Watching the match live on TV. Second fastest reaction? Limited because you can only watch one game at a time (in theory) without turning your lounge into a cctv office.

    Apps (alerts). Able to receive infinite amount of alerts reasonably quick although you can already see the rise in players because of the above. Depends on your connection. Nothing worse than that bargain striker scoring as you enter the tunnel on the Circle Line.

    Radio. I've found this to be the slowest of all. Apps alert at least 10-15 seconds before the radio commentary catches up.

    Live Score Centre on TV. Way too slow.

    Match of the Day. Allows enough time for prices to settle but really too late to the party.

  • the feedback to this may tell its own story... i've never actually met or heard or seen a 'quick flipper' speak or post or add anything in any format other than seeing matchday futures go horrendously UP then back down very quickly.. i wonder do they exist? are they real or are they just computerised robots that act on behalf of FI when a goal goes in??

    The odd night when i've been bored sitting in my pants in front of the TV watching James Richardson and other awkward journalists trying to speak over various action clips of second rate European matches i like to have a flutter.. Like when a goal goes in, or preferably when a penalty is about to be taken.. The speed of which these flippers work is frightening!!!

    I would like to get to the bottom of this as it's a high intensity hard working little reward big money down small profit margin type of tactic that i simply couldn't get involved in because i actually like watching football too much!!!!

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