Oliver Skipp

  • Oliver Skipp. I don't know much about him. What are your thoughts on his prospects?

  • Very promising but minutes likely to stay very limited unless we pick up more injuries. That said, he will get some game time in next few weeks due to our heavy schedule. Certainly a good buy if prepared to hold long-term but patience required.

  • A good long term hold. If we sell Moussa I can see him getting more game time - Poch seems to think highly of him.

    He was one of my first investments on FI at 1.53, so I'm 50% up on him, which is nice .

  • he's played 180 minutes of adult football so will probably be the new Glenn Hoddle and the next English player to hit £10 a future!!!!

  • Probably underpriced given the cost of other English youngsters.

    I think Willock/Nketiah are very undervalued given the current market sentiment towards young players. They'll probably see the most game time out of players at the top clubs, with the exception of maybe Hudson-Odoi if he stays, think the only reason they haven't seen big rises this week is because they aren't in the top 200; which is probably due to the fact they've been on the index longer than some of them other English youngsters. As an Arsenal fan I'm biased but I'm convinced Nketiah will make it in a top league and I'm getting more and more confident that Willock will given how much he has improved from last season.

  • @NewUser82416 dont forget sancho the best young english player by a long way. I think when youre talkin youngsters brewster has the same fi potential as odoi and sancho tho. All are from the same u17s england team and from that team brewster is the goal scorer but has been hampered by injury but could get game time in the coming months

  • @Black-wolf

    Yeah I wasn't really considering him because he plays every week at one of the top clubs in Europe. Still think he is over inflated when you compare him to players like Havertz, but he is English so you can't really argue with his price.

    Think Brewster may need a loan to show his potential unless both Sturridge/Origi move. If it wasn't for his injury, you could argue he might not be far off Foden/CHO in price.

    Nketiah has smashed it at at every England youth level and I think once he scores, the goals will roll in, his movement/link up play is too good for him to not make it. Willock, like I said has improved so much since the start of last season.

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