• Why the sudden rise? 50p in a week. I have held him for a while and now he is shooting up any reason as to why?

  • Don’t know. There were rumours of pellegrini leaving so that would make him more nailed at no.10, might have something to do with it. Also just good time to buy following bit of a dip.

  • probably down to sheer investment?????? I remember looking at him after an early Champions League game.. was around 1.50 but i thought give it a few days for his price to drop first.. he went straight to 1.80 and has grown ever since...

    Still think he could rise further so that's me probably telling myself its not too late to jump on!!!

  • @dannypea Agreed. With the Share Split announcement and increased amount of investment it's just been a increase in stages
    Premium players (neymar of this world) followed by £3 - £5 stars and now starlets.
    Looks like all decent players have risen but at different stages

  • This also justifies the constant rise to a more suitable value. Being compared to Gerrard and Lampard at just 19.

  • Is he really all that?? Ye he scored that cheeky goal the other week and he’s young but his performances have not actually been that good - 1 goal and 0 assists in 7 starts, hardly gets your mouth watering does it. Also Lorenzo Pellegrini is back from injury and he was one there best players and consistent risers before his injury, he’s roughly a £1 cheaper and is better value for me as he’ll get his place back. Another one who’s dirt cheap is Bryan Cristante at £1.40 his goals and assists are really good for someone who plays a bit deeper - 4 goals and 3 assists in 12 starts.
    What does everyone else think?

  • Bryan Cristante is now fulfilling his potential it seems & looks very cheap to me at £1.40.

    He's only 23, scoring well in terms of PB & let's not forget Roma paid €30 for him!

  • @Barkez_86 Zaniolo's at this moment is driven by potential....and from little I've seen of him I am a believer. Coaches (Roma and Italy) love him as well.

  • is it a question of 'is he all that' or is it a question of 'can i make any money out of him'?... Lesser players on here are worth more if we look at some of the English based 'boys' with even less pedigree but I personally think Zaniolo 'looks' a good player and statistics don't always show how one looks. At his current price I would say low risk and whilst the iron's hot (and it's buring right now) try to get on these players who can make you a quick (or even long term) profit by investing now!!!

    Still early days of course, I remember looking at Manuel Locatelli of Milan thinking he'll go on to be a star and he's now on loan at Sassuolo not exactly ripping it up but Real Madrid have been linked, Mancini has stated he's looking at for the National team and the papers in Italy are in fond regard so you're in good company if you do go out and back him!!!

  • @Barkez_86 Huge potential and dirt cheap. Share split in days and will be 75p.

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