• Hi Guys ,
    Pretty new to football index and I have £500 to invest .Im looking for 5-7 players to put £75_100 in each.

    I plan to sit on them for a year.

    Any tips on who to pick?

    Cheers in advance.

  • Must:
    Won't go wrong with any these 👍

  • @NewUser212745

    What’s your risk appetite?

  • @NewUser212745 been here since September and have exactly the same decision to make. Have a trawl through these forums and do your own research. Back your own judgement and try not to get too despondent if/when your players price falls, remember as soon as you buy you will probably be down in real terms due to IS and 2% commission so think why you bought them and don't panic. Of course its nice to see them rise. Also depends if you have a portfolio already, personally I've diversified mine as I'm averse to risk. So I have a mixture of dividend earners, established players with room for growth and low priced youngsters who may be the next big thing with any luck. It seems to have served me quite well so far as there has been some volatile times on here since I joined and I have ridden them ok. Most of the players I first bought are now performing well and their price has rise accordingly, therefore they may not be the kind of tip you're now looking for. Subsequently those that have fallen may be good to invest in cos at least you'd be getting a better price now than i did 4 months ago! I won't invest any more in them but Bale, Mane and Dybala are now lower than when I bought them. Def tempted by Dybala now due to the latest CR7 rumours. Good luck and always check players out before buying them, people have been known to tell the slight untruth on here from time to time.

  • I don't mind a conservative Buy.Just noticed someone bought £400 quif of Mbappe so might start with him.

  • @NewUser212745 but that person may be a rich misguided fool??

  • Personally if your starting up I would be buying a regular dividend winner like kimmich as their price will continue to rise if they keep providing dividends.

  • I think Mpabbe is a good first buy ,young and here for a while. Going in with a £100

  • rekheem harper just put it all on him will double in value within next few weeks easy

  • Jermaine Defoe, he's on the rise again so get in quick! 😀

  • Harper ,I don't think so .Ive never heard of him.

  • @Friedeggs this is a great shout, only person I would add to this is Mbappe really. I wish I'd had the balls to ask for help on this forum when I started, would have saved me a few quid for sure!

  • @NewUser212745 I think Toni Kroos looks a good price, slightly undervalued at the moment in my opinion due to Madrids form but hes a class player who peforms really well on PB so will win dividends

    you could also look at the lower end of the market to try and win some dividends from goals and assists - maybe a few Vardys or someone like Troy Deeney (I hold neither) but have made money from them both in the past. If you are looking at the lower end of the market though you have to react fast to sell at the right time

  • Liverpool players, if they win the title which is good chance there will be media buzz galore as they haven’t won in it 20 odd years.

  • @NewUser212745 I'd be very careful taking advice off some people on here. Only here to promote their own players. Don't look to buy players just because they are good in real life.

  • @Stevo totally agree.

    If you don't know where to invest that £500 then should you really be investing it at all? Research the players and only invest if it feels right and looks right.

  • @Tom77 said in Tips:

    Liverpool players, if they win the title which is good chance there will be media buzz galore as they haven’t won in it 20 odd years.

    and softens the blow god forbid they do win the league!

  • Diversification is way to go
    Get a couple of big hitters for dividends and the look at the lower end of the market for players that are going to get you some capital appreciation as every starts to jump on the bandwagon

    For example if you had got in Callum Hudson O a couple of months ago , you would have almost doubled your investment so try and look out for the next potential CHO I missed out on him so I have left that one alone for now.

    Another strategy which has served me well is looking at at young championship players who currently look like they will be premier league players next year
    E g Leeds strikers
    Or a couple of mine Mason Mount / Jack Grealish both relatively low priced with potential for growth.
    Tammy Abrahams for example was less than £1.50 not long ago and then went up to £2.85 on the back of scoring goals In the championship and then the transfer speculation. He is currently around £2.40 so a lot of the premier league next factor is probably already priced in on him but it serves as an example of what to look out for here.
    Cheap young strikers playing regularly abroad is another one e.g Andre Silva has been linked with clubs in the EPL and if Morata goes to Seville then they won't be able to accommodate Silva / Yedder and Morata so there could be some potential there.

  • @Static also need to remember that players that are rising currently are mainly involved in potential transfer which manipulates their normal price.

    I had 100 nicolo barella until a few days ago and a new person could easily think he was a good but but it's likely that as soon as he signs for a new club his price will drop to far less than he is currently.

    Not to say that happens in all cases but you only learn these trends once you've been on here a while.

  • @Friedeggs you just listed half of my portfolio 🙂

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