Risers list deceiving to newcomers...

  • I feel this is a pump and dump scam as the players on the risers list lately are mostly nobodies with any prospects such as Peruvian players. What can FI do? Anyway this is just a warning to newbies to beware of getting into these players as you will very likely lose out.

  • Yup, newbies ignore the Fi risers page. They are rubbish players in rubbish leagues that don’t count. Also sharks and operate in these waters to make out a player is highly promising by buying a lot of a player (pumping) then selling (dumping).

  • Maybe only include risers in PB leagues?

  • It’s much more helpful to view the Top 200 on “£ increase” setting if you want an idea of who is popular in the market. These will be the quality players who are going up in price for (usually) valid reasons.

    The only change I would like to see is this setting changed to “% increase” as that is more meaningful than a figure in pence.

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