Kemar Roofe

  • Looking for opinions from Leeds fans or indeed anyone that watches a lot of Championship football.

    Roofe scoring a lot of goals this year and has got another one tonight.

    How good is this lad, is he worth a punt and how do you think he would do in the Premier League??

  • Yeah, I bought into Roofe last week.

    No dividends this season, but i’m gambling he will go up with Leeds or force a transfer to a PB club in the Summer.

    Mitrovic increased significantly in price when Fulham were promoted, so i’m hoping the same thing happens with Roofe.

    I’ll probably sell in August, in case he struggles in the Premiership.

  • @Comrade

    Roofe's a cracking player. He got injured earlier in the season, and it nearly cost Leeds the title.

    Thing is... Leeds never keep players long. The squad isn't deep enough and today the manager got caught spying on other clubs training sessions. Who knows if there'll be ramifications for that.

    So it's hard to say if Roofe's worth investing in.

    Meanwhile, young Jack Clarke got an assist and MOTM today, he's 18 and already a cracking first team player.

  • 14 Goals in 21 league games if he hadnt been out for a month earlier in the season he would be close to 20 goals already

    Looks like a premier league player next season either with Leeds or a mid to lower premier league club.

    i got some when he was around £1.12 a couple of month back and have seen him steadily rise since then

  • quality goal yesterday, as a lcfc fan, we need some support from Vardy and at the right price, he could be worth a punt for his background, he has had to work his way into the game and could be hungry enough to give it his best in the PL I reckon......I've gone in todays price as a punt - goal scorers are few and far between at the moment....

  • @TheFearlessFox
    Lets hope is price goes through the Roofe

    see wot i did there?

  • He's not a patch on Jarrod Bowen.

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