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  • Hi guys just wanted to share some Felipe Anderson stats from our data product. £2 a month.

    All the PB and MB data you'll ever need to make informed decisions.


  • @Noirx4 where did you get that info from, should hold that data on each player when your thinking about buying.

  • @NewUser142261 i provide a data product which has all this info and a lot more for every player. £2 a month.

    Email for a sample



  • @Noirx4 you must spend a lot of time collating. Why isn't this info within FI's format?

  • @John-D takes ages hence the £2 a month fee.
    Sorry mate don't follow. Do you mean why don't football index do it or why isn't it in a certain style?

  • @Noirx4 I mean why don't FI do it. It would help us have a clearer idea of who to buy.

  • @John-D i get the impression its not in their interest as using the data you quickly realise no reason to buy 80-90% of the players. And there are a number of 3rd party providers plugging the gap. While other issues arent being covered by 3rd parties.

    My data product is just £2 a month so hardly breaking the bank ;)

    Email for a free sample

  • Have seen a few posts the last few days about finding player stats and info, possibly by new users, and thought it was worth sharing some thoughts.

    Unfortunately FI provide very little by way of stats and in order to understand the PB scoring system (Match Day Dividends), you really need to take a closer look. I know when I joined, I spent a couple of weeks finding my feet with a tiny deposit. After some success and failures, I realised I really needed to understand what drives a players value better and how to setup my portfolio to maximise its potential for dividends and capital appreciation.

    In my first few weeks, I stumbled across the forum, started reading some posts and came across this data product by Noir. Checked the free sample and realised it was what I needed so signed up. A little overwhelming at first (so much data), but incredibly useful.

    8 months later and I'm still using it. I have times where I don't have the spare time to use it as much as I would like, but last few weeks have been a good opportunity to take stock and assess my portfolio, sell a few players and plan for my next purchases. The only way to do this is by using a data product. The advantage of this over other (Web based) platforms are the filter functions of the sheet and having the info all in one place. The best way to use is in collaboration with a copy of your transaction history which is available upon request from FI.

    If you have a large portfolio then ths is really an essential as constantly searching and looking up players becomes rather tiresome. The cost is easily covered by dividends or capital appreciation throughout the month.

    In short, excellent value and would highly recommend particularly when you make the step up from introduction to building a larger portfolio.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • @Noirx4 I understand why Fi don't want to provide this data, lacks transparency. I am interested in your research and stats you have worked on. Can you give me more information regards a sample?

  • @John-D email me and will send you a sample over :)

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