Arsenal fans- Mavropanos, thoughts?

  • Wanted to gauge people’s thoughts on Mavropanos? Is he good enough to start? When is he expected back from injury? Seen a little rise in him past few days...could he sort out defence woes?

  • @NewUser142017 He's back in training last 10 days but probably not match fit for the next couple of games.
    Doubt he'll be able to sort our defensive problems on his own but I think he will help if given a chance. He hasn't got much game time since joining Arsenal but from what I've seen he looks like he could be our best cb in the near future. Looks to be a strong commanding cb and he's actually tall which is unusual for an Arsenal cb. He did have a bit of a nightmare in one of his games for us, think he made a few mistakes and got sent off can't remember who it was against but I'm just hoping he's not a typical Arsenal defender who's liable to making regular defencive blunders like Mustafi and the rest.
    I really want to see him get his chance soon though as he does look like he has the makings of a great cb and he's tall which can only help while defending crosses and set pieces, something Arsenal have struggled with for years.

  • Conor Coady latest - a strong source close to Arsenal has said Arsenal are ready to bid for coner coady with a view to complete this January. Said by Adrian durham as an exclusive about an hour ago.

  • He could easily be a regular starter for us, especially if we don't sign a cb this window.

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