Mahrez, Son or Muller

  • Torn between these 3 for my next investment- all 3 have bottomed out in value which suits my current strategy.

    Muller at £1.56 - I was about to go all in for this guy at that price but then found out he is suspended for both Liverpool games, a good chance he won’t play in the champions league again this season.

    Starts every game on Bayern’s front line and is still somehow only 29.

    Son at £3.06 - sure to jump up when he returns from the Asian Cup but does go through patches of not scoring and could also find a battle for his place when he returns to Spurs.

    Mahrez at £2.92 - quality player and is a goal/assist machine when he plays but is not a guaranteed starter at City and wasn’t trusted to play in the crunch game against Liverpool.

    Opinions please...

  • Son. He won't face a battle for his place, the man is a star and we will miss him. Not away for very long and has so much more to give.

  • Definitely Son, he’s been banging them in. Will start almost all games. Good age. And at a decent price at the moment during Asian games

  • I’d avoid Mahrez as any of Man City’s higher profile games will probably see him sat on the bench.

  • I have a few shares in Muller who I think at his current value is well priced. Son is one who I have looked at multiple times and if you time it right again can be good value -he seems to have pretty stark peaks and troughs. Being someone who holds a Man City midfielder (gundogan) it is the rotation that gets you. I think gundogan at his price is great value but given his price is going down slowly clearly others don't!!

  • Son good for fantasy football. Doesn't seem to be able to convert the goals and assists into PB wins on FI. Only completed 90 minutes three times in the premier league this season. Makes it that bit harder to win PB if your taken off after 79 minutes.

    Now here's a stat. Mahrez has only completed 90 minutes four times in the premier league this season but two of those were PB wins.

    He's more involved in games than Son. More possession, touches and passes. He's the better PB player imo.

    He started against Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs and Man United. So that dispels that myth.

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