Top Players!

  • I’m currently on Neymar, Mbappe and Salah from the top players, looking to invest it another one of the big boys!

    Who in your opinion provides the safest risk going into the share split

    Pogba 16.21 - Massive rise due to his PB potential aswell was MB, price could drop if he doesn’t keep up his PB scores?

    Messi - £15.86 - good for PB arguably best player in the world, however at 31 is this the peak in his price?

    Hazard - 13.23 - potential MB over summer due to move to Madrid, however may drop if he moves away from the premier league?

    Sterling - £8.15 decent MB in spikes during the season, will he reach a ceiling like Kane?

    Or any others which would be a decent investment?

  • Seeing as you have players from different teams then Kimmich.

  • @Tom77 if his PB doesn’t continue then he will drop massively surely?

  • I have never held him but he has always given consistent PB and still young. Maybe a Kimmich holder will come on and give you another opinion.
    Another option is Salah who I do hol, pool chasing the title and champions league will lead to buzz.

  • @Jordinho Hold them all and at different times all have produced pb and mb. I think the current prices reflect quite accurately where they are in relation to each other. If I had to choose...........errrrm buy an equal amount of each? With ss you'll instantly have 2,3,4 or 5 times more?

  • @Jordinho kimmich

  • What does PB mean?

  • @NewUser239671 performance buzz

    Its the matchday dividend for performance

    See video

  • Vinicius Junior - Looks like he's on the verge of a starting place in Madrid, I can only see his price going up.

  • Rashford

  • I would go for Rashford all day long mate.
    Young, English, looks to be 1st choice striker at united, in great form. Can only see his price going up & up.

    To me Kane & sterling seem to have hit there ceiling so that’s why I’d look at Rashford who I feel has much more potential

  • @NewUser165538 i dont think you can ever say any player has hit his ceiling on here its been proven time and time again that if a player has a spell of returning dividends their price jumps and any fall in any big player immediately after tends to be small and so the growth continues.

    If you have money to invest and have a player you wish to have then go for it because you will find yourself buying a player you dont really want and when you see youre first choice climb and you dont have them it really niggles at you and you may find yourself buying them anyway only at an even higher price than before

  • @NewUser165538 rashford is a great shout though i feel hes bound to become the the nations golden boy

  • @Jordinho Messi or Dybala. Ideally both if you have enough?

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