Not Gambling related, need help.

  • I have given up on supporting Fulham. The hope, followed be the demoralisation of reality, it's just too much.

    Because of the religious nature of football and sport I can never, ever support another football team, regardless how many Chelsea fans say "we're only down the road and no-one will hold it against you if you convert". So I need a new home in a different sport.

    Does anyone know of any alternative sporting teams/clubs with a feel good factor. In desperate need. Preferably in South West London but I'm willing to relocate for my new passion.

  • @Lukeroro come play for my dart team if u want on a Friday night! Bit of a trek to east anglia though.
    Good laugh few beers and free food!?πŸ‘

  • @Lukeroro How about Rugby? It’s a big year with the World Cup coming up and might be a good time to get into it. Also cricket World Cup is coming up. But for rugby you have Twickenham of course in SW London.

  • @Lukeroro ive played ice hockey all my life its the only sport i love more than football. Its a great sport thats easy to follow

  • How about sticking with fulham. They have been your passion for many years i assume, its a part of you. Being a football fan like yourself especially one who has seen a fall then risen up through the divisions. I loved watching from afar seeing keegan take fulham back. The prem nowadays is a snake pit whe re the smallest budgets fail and the biggest wins. Stick with fulham i say

  • @Black-wolf huge fan myself. Me and my ex wife went to Vancouver for honeymoon in 2007. Little did she know i booked a canucks arena tour.... Sat in a Β£4000 seat, pics taken between the pipes, pic next to the only zamboni signed by gretzky and one i had of me next to the huge canuck sign on their wall. Lost 7-2 to the flyers that night though haha

  • Seems drastic.

    Should have tried supporting Hull City over the last 40 years.

    Or spare a thought for fans of Rochdale, Orient, Mansfield and the like.

  • @Allams-Out are you rick skelton... πŸ˜‚

  • Are you Ranieri ❓......diddle e dong

  • @Finlay77 🀫

    Nope, but impressed you're aware of him.

    Unless you're big in the world of football supporters trusts.

  • @Allams-Out i used to trade wrestling tapes and dvds with rick back in the day mate! He is still on my facebook and he always always talked Hull City. I know others who live in hull area so im up to date with the hate for allams even all the way down here in Plymouth!

  • @Finlay77 Ha brilliant!

    Don't know him personally but he is certainly an elite fan and did good stuff taking on the allams with the city till we die campaign group.

  • @Allams-Out said in Not Gambling related, need help.:

    Seems drastic.

    Should have tried supporting Hull City over the last 40 years.

    Or spare a thought for fans of Rochdale, Orient, Mansfield and the like.

    Or Tranmere :-(

  • Sent u a PM @Lukeroro 😁

  • Have you tried non league football? There are loads of good teams in south west London and it’s just about morally acceptable to follow a non-league team without giving up entirely on your original team.

    I supported Reading home and away for 30 years, before discovering Dulwich Hamlet on my doorstep 8 years ago. I generally find the experience of going to watch Hamlet more fun, more inclusive and generally less stressful than following Reading (not to mention considerably cheaper!)

  • It could be worse

    I support the team you beat in last seasons play off final and we lost 3-0 away to Wigan today

  • @mike778 Haha mate, my old ladies from the Wirral so Tranmere have always been my second team.

    When we were in the shit on and off the pitch late 80s and early 90s, you happened to be in your glory years under John King.

    Great times for you and some great players.

    Then when we were on the up, you were in decline. Remember we tonked you 6-1 at the KC and Theo Whitmore had to go in goal of all players πŸ˜‚

    Now things are starting to look better for you while the allams dick us around.

    Be nice if we could both have some good times.

  • I remember seeing Hereford beat Fulham when you lot were close to the bottom of the football league. Since then, you have been in the Premier League, twice, while my team went bust. Who do I support now, Hereford FC of course, who rose from the ashes and started 5 divisions below the football league! Never give up on your team and passion mate 🀘

  • @Lukeroro listen pal, I've had a run-in with you in the past, but you support where you are born.

    Winners or losers......

    You don't choose your club, it's determined by your birth location.

    Unless you are a glory hunter.

    It may look bleak but you support whoever you do through thick or thin. πŸ‘

  • For sheer adrenaline, try snail racing. Just paint the shell of your fastest snail, put it in the centre of the circle then first snail out of the circle wins. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🐌

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