• Draxler £2.17 and top of the Pb for Mid and Star player at the moment

  • COUTINHO rumours now flying round that he may be coming home! Cant believe he might go to Utd though. (This is the place for pumping right)

  • But will Draxler play when neymar is back.........

  • Draxler played with Neymar the other day in the cup. I picked up Draxler a few days ago because I thought he looked cheap and for me he either plays in a team that dominates and has alot of the ball or he ends up leaving through lack of game time, seemed win win to me.

    I actually didn't expect that he would win me my first ever PB dividends on FI, pretty pleased right now, hopefully more divs in the future!

  • if he doesn't he wont hang about in the summer so could see lots of transfer rumours and nice increase in price

  • @Static won me some pb earlier in season on a friday night game when neymar decided he wasnt up for it. So thats twice now, if he goes he could be a pb player for sure regularly

  • @Harmonica i dont believe he would admit to failing in barca after forcing the move, then go back to england and sign for utd, a club he knows there is proper hate between them and his former club and live his life living that grief? Bullshit story for me, either back to liverpool or more likely psg with his buddy neymar. Utds issues are elsewhere anyway, pointless signing when they need defenders and proper wingers

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